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BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
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Super8 film; [300 ft.]; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2656_0025-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Joan Cartledge--home movies] Reel 25
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Donor-supplied Notes
Terry Fox grave Elk on highway leaving Jasper, May 25 Athabrasca Falls Athabrasca Glacier Natural Bridge Picnic Sheep on highway, just outside Banff On train on way home Jack Fish Curve & tunnels In diner car Dorm car Feeding calves at Ridge's Farm Western Trip May 5 - 28, 1983 Boarding jet in Goose for Deer Lake, May 6 La Bloc Beach, Cape Breton Bar Harbour, Maine Thunder Hole, Acadia National Park Pemequid Nonotuck Park, Northampton - feeding ducks Train Bow Falls, Alberta Mountain sheep, Yoho National Park Spiral Tunnel, near Field, B.C. Three-Valley Gap Lake Raft on Thompson River Bridal Falls To Vancouver Island on Queen of Saanich Tally-ho ride, May 19 Victoria Day celebration, May 20, Victoria Butchart Gardens Sunset on boat into Horseshoe Bay Capilano Bridge Ferguson Pt. Secon Beach - Lost Lagoon, Seaquarium Zoo Juggler, Stanley Park
Can Descriptions
1983 Western Trip
Viewing Notes
People boarding a large ‘Eastern Provincial’ plane, Goose to Deer Lake. Three women seen on a beach. (La Bloc Beach, Cape Breton) Shot of a large house and a trail along the coastline (Bar Harbor, Maine) Thunder Hole. (Acadia National Park) People walking along the rocks next to a lighthouse at Pemaquid Point. Shots of the coastline and surf. Women on swings. Women playing on a playground. Women feeding ducks. (Nonotuck Park, Northampton) Women walking along stream in park. Feeding deer. Women disembarking train. Women with a waterfall in the background. (Bow Falls, Alberta) Mountain sheep on roadside. (Yoho National Park) Deer in the woods. People on a wooden bridge. Women at park. Shot of a train. (Spiral Tunnel, near Field, B.C.) Shot of a signpost in front of “Three-Valley Gap Lake”. Sign starts with ‘Steamboat Saga’. A raft on the Thompson River. Shot of a waterfall. (Bridal Falls) Shot of a ferry and quayside. (Vancouver Island on Queen of Saanich) Shot of a smaller boat. A horse drawn carriage. Shot of lawn sprinklers. Horse cart on the street passing sign for ‘Wax Museum’. Boats along the dock. Shot of a marina with the British Columbia Parliament Buildings in the background. A ship along the quayside. People with flags. A parade of children carrying flowers. Child lay the flowers next to a statue. Children in uniforms dancing around a may pole. Children in different uniforms dancing around a may pole on the lawn of the parliament buildings. (“Victoria Day celebration, May 20, Victoria”) Various shots of flower gardens. (Butchart Gardens) Shot of the water. A person standing at the boat railing. A boat in the distance. Sunset over the water. Shot of the boat deck. (Horseshoe Bay) People walking down Capilano Bridge. A woman standing in a park. (Ferguson Point) Two women walking on the beach. (Secon Beach) A woman feeding squirrels, geese, and ducks. Different shot of a women feeding geese and a swan. Three women walking along a lakeside path. Ducks eating grass. Polar bears in an enclosure. Performing orcas and dolphins in a pool. (Lost Lagoon, Seaquarium Zoo) A man on a unicycle going around multicolored cones. A man juggling torches. (Stanley Park) Gravestone for Terry Fox with flowers. Pan up to rest of the graveyard. Shot of an elk. More elk crossing the road. Close up of an elk. Churning water at the bottom of a canyon. Shot of a waterfall. Close up of the water. Falls from different angles. (Athabrasca Falls) Shot of a mountain. People walking up to a glacier. (Athabrasca Glacier) Women eating at a picnic table. Shot of the water going under the natural stone bridge. Shot of the river. Sheep next to the road. Shot of a train roof. Train going through a tunnel. (Jack Fish Curve and tunnels) Train and surrounding landscape. Inside the dining car. People walking through the train cars. People sitting in a train compartment. People feeding calves at Ridge's Farm. [End of Reel]
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