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4) nhf-2656_0023-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Joan Cartledge--home movies] Reel 23
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1982 – 1983
April 1982 - April 1983
Donor-supplied Notes
Caribou hunt first year Dog Brook - Joan's Brk - April '82 Rupert's tilt - getting water Cape Makkovik - April '82 Geese - haul - Tom's Cove May - hauling mail on airstrip Crusaders - last mtg. on skidoo May 30 - last skidoo ride on Makk. Bay Driving to Hebron Bonavista coming into dock Coming around Indian Head Polar Foam - Aug. '82 Long liners at Portuguese boats Sailboat in Makkovik Last day for long liners in Makk. St. John's- Ambrose Shea at Signal Hill D. Thom on skidoo - Mar. '82 Dot leaving Makkovik Postville Crusader trip March 26, 1983 Easter races April 1983 Hopedale trip
Viewing Notes
Dying caribou tied to snowmobiles. A herd of caribou seen on a ridge. Men approaching a wounded caribou. People sliding near snowmobiles. A person walking down the snowmobile trail. People chopping holes in the ice to get water in tea kettles. A woman working on an old truck fitted with snow tracks. Birds in flight. Snowmobiles pulling the ‘MARANATHA PENTECOSTAL CHURCH’ sled. A bird circling overhead. A woman cutting brush in the snow. A plane flying in low over snow banks and landing. People disembarking the plane. Snowmobiles pulling sleds stacked with packages. A group of children being pulled in sled by snowmobile. A dog playing in the snow. A woman on a snowmobile, driving in loops. A woman ice fishing next to a parked snowmobile. She pulls in her line and holds the empty hook up to the camera. The same woman riding on the snowmobile. A snowmobile approaches town. A different woman starts a snowmobile and drives off. Sign on building in background says ‘Maranatha Pentecostal Church’. The woman drives around the church. Shot of husky puppies. Shot of a house on stilts. The ship ‘Bonavista’ coming in to dock. A rowboat being hauled onto the larger ship. A ship seen in the distance. Closer shots of the ship. Men hauling nets on the deck of the ship. Shot of a pod of dolphins. Men taking fish out of nets. Shot of the boat in the distance. Men moving fish. Shot of the nets going over the stern. A man throws over a marker buoy. Fish nets being wound back in and fish being taken out. Men cleaning fish on the rails of the ship. Several shots of the water off the side of the ship. Shot of an ice berg. Several shots of different boats. One boat’s side reads ‘Senhora das Candeias V-7-N’. [Portuguese – Lady of Candeias] Men shoveling fish into nets to lift them out of the boat. Boats sailing past large cliffs. A snowmobiler seen from behind. The snowmobiler approaching the camera. People gathered around a plane. The coastline, filmed from the dock. A float plane flying overhead. A snowmobiler in the distance. Shots of a trailer and surrounding houses. Children playing hockey. Children loading snowmobile sleds. Children playing in the snow. Tethered huskies. Dog sleds. Dogs being unharnessed. People on snowshoes. [End of Reel]
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