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BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
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Super8 film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2656_0021-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Joan Cartledge--home movies] Reel 21
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1979 – 1980
Donor-supplied Notes
Twin otter, June, Makkovik, '79 Mail arrival Uncle Bertie unloading seals from truck Bruce bringing C. Kippenhucks Ice bergs behind Fox Hbr., June, '79 Gassing up before crossing Strait Gunner's Cove Policeman in St. John's Stormy Water, Rocky Hbr., 8/31/79 Wms. Hbr. Church, 9/4/79 Aboard Petite Forte en route Charlottetown Chopper ride, Makkovik, 9/15/79 Mrs. Moody leaving for Goose, 9/15 Coming down the Lookout Rupert's huskies Uncle Alder w/ first deer to come to Makkovik from north Twins taking off airstrip Nain Boilup near Devil's Hole, Kingurutik River, 4/15/80 First sign of deer, 4/15 Herb Jacque & deer; men chasing on foot 4/16/80 - bringing deer from barrens Dave Decker cleaning them All deer at camp, cutting off legs Herb getting water Loading deer on komatiks Partridge hunt on return to Nain, 4/17 Nain, 6;00 a.m., 4/18 Boilup at same spot near Davis Inlet Tandem pulling at Big Bight Neck
Can Descriptions
1979 - 1980
Viewing Notes
A Twin Otter float plane landing in Makkovik. The mail being unloaded from the plane. Shot of a man working on a boat. A man (Uncle Bertie) unloading seals from a truck. Men carry the seals away. Shots of the outside and inside of a float plane. Ice bergs in Fox Harbour seen from the window of a plane. Men gassing up a plane. A little boy sitting on the parked plane’s wing, holding the gasoline hose. Shot of islands from air. Shot of a plane landing, seen from the cockpit. A man standing on plane floats. A plane seen taking off in the distance. Panning shot of the coastline. A plane flying overhead. A policeman directing traffic in St. John's. Shots of a town (Rocky Harbour?), coastline and surf. Houses along the coast in the fog. (Wms. Hbr. Church?) Shots of water from the deck of a boat. Shots aboard the boat ‘Petite Forte’ en route to Charlottetown. Landscape (Makkovik) as seen from a helicopter. Shot inside the helicopter. More shots of landscape and the town from above. The helicopter taking off from the shore. People carrying luggage down the dock and getting on a float plane. (“Mrs. Moody leaving for Goose, 9/15”?) A snowmobile drives down a hill. Tethered sled dogs. Husky puppies. Three skinned seals. A dead deer tied to a sled. Two planes on an airstrip. Planes taking off. Sled dogs. Cut to nighttime scene. Snowmobiles and sleds with supplies parked outside a building. People (including Herb Jacque) gutting a deer. Tying a deer to the back of a snowmobile and dragging it. Hunters running. Various shots of deer. Deer seen on the top of a hill. Two dead deer in the snow. Snowmobiles coming down a hill, dragging deer. Piled deer carcasses. A man chops a deer leg with hatchet. A man (Herb) drawing water from a hole in the ice. The camp, scattered deer and snowmobiles. People loading the deer onto komatiks. Shot of a sled with a large box of deer on it, labeled ‘MARANATHA PENTECOSTAL CHURCH’. Shots of the camp. Shots of a mountain. Shot of a sled piled with gear. One side of the box says ‘WHAT’S MISSING? CH—CH KEEP THE SABBATH!’ Men sitting around a camp fire. Panning shot of the sleds piled with gear and deer skins. Snowmobiles pulling sleds. A person stands next to the deer carcasses and holds up severed deer legs, then proceeds to cut off more deer legs with an ax. She lifts up one deer for the camera. A cat stands on the sled and looks at the deer. A woman gathers up deer legs. The woman (Joan?) puts deer antlers on her head. Gutting a deer. Deer carcass strapped to a sled. [End of Reel]
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