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Super8 film; [375 ft.]; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2656_0019-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Joan Cartledge--home movies] Reel 19
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1978 – 1979
Donor-supplied Notes
Sports Day, Easter Monday 1978 - Makkovik Doug Jacques returning to Postville Sammy leaving for hospital on stretcher George Rose's body Shooting partridge on trapline Harp seals MacKinneys' arrival - collector's boat - cemetary Salmon & rock cod - piling salt cod Aboard Bonavista Mail arrival - Aunt Salome's casket March 1979 - Pastor Bruce Morrison Flying north to Postville
Can Descriptions
1978 - 1979
Viewing Notes
Tethered sled dogs. A dog sled approaching from the distance. The dog sled passes a Canadian flag. Various shots of sleds and sled dogs. Mushers gathering. Snowmobile races. A crowd of people wait for the racers to return. Shot of a dog sled. Children being pulled in a sled by a snowmobile. A person (Sammy?) on a stretcher being loaded onto a plane. Supplies unloaded from a plane. The plane taking off. Close up of a snowmobile. A dog sled. A dog pulling a child on a sled. Children sliding. Skins piled on a snowmobile sled. Children pulled on sled by snowmobile. Children carrying water. A different plane parked on the airstrip. A plane coming in for a landing. Various shots of planes and snowmobiles. A body unloaded from plane and carried away on a snowmobile sled. (George Rose) A person snowshoeing. People with guns carrying back dead partridge. A stack of dead harp seals. A man hauling dead seals out of a boat. People hauling seals caught in nets into a boat. Various close up of sled dogs. A float plane landing. A man gutting and skinning seals on shore. People disembarking float plane. More gutting seals. Men on boat named ‘Miss Makkovik’. A large ship at dock. Shot of a grave: ‘In loving memory of Mary E. Goudie’. Shot of an unmarked grave covered in flowers, plastic and stones. Several shots of the graveyard. Seesaws. A person pours water over buckets of dead fish. Men cutting fish on the dock. Men moving fish. Men weighing fish. A small helicopter. The bottom of a rowboat, full of fish. Men stacking and packing fish in salt. Shoveling fish from boat to a wheelbarrow on the dock. Scene from the deck of a ship, the ‘Bonavista.’ An iceberg in the distance. Boats seen from the ‘Bonavista.’ Snowmobiles skipping over open water. Mail unloaded from snowmobile sled. Snowmobile pulling Aunt Salome's casket. Turning a plane propeller. A plane taking off. A sled dog. A snowmobile driver seen from behind. Shot of a plane overhead, then landing. Snowmobiles gathered around parked plane. Men board the plane and it takes off. Shot of the plane overhead. Landscape and the town seen from the plane. [End of Reel]
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