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1) 2656.0017-.0018_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
2) 2656.0017-.0018_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
3) 2656.0017_FS8
Super8 film; [375 ft.]; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2656_0017-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Joan Cartledge--home movies] Reel 17
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Donor-supplied Notes
Vancouver, July ' 75 Capilano Canyon, suspension bridge Chinatown; Mt. Baker, Washington Hope Slide; Similkameen River Orchards; Kelowna Knox Mt., log boom Joan feeding Canada geese Three Valley Gap Radium Hot Springs - Shirl, Marg, Nellie Sinclair Canyon; coyote; Continental Divide Lower spiral tunnels Bear enroute Columbia Icefields On icefields Lake Louise; Great Divide; snowsheds Upper spiral tunnels Yoho-Kicking Horse Rivers; Takkakaw Falls Natural Bridge; Emeral Lake; gondola at Banff Bow Falls; Banff Springs Hotel; Three Sisters Flying home from Calgary Shelley, John, Kevin, Aug. '75 Bill, Joan, Steve, Christy; Shirl, Mary in bul. Wm. Carson, Port-aux-Basques, Aug. '75 In mail plane to Charlottetown Pastor building new church; our freight; clinic freight; drilling behind school; blasting; see saw arriving July 1975 to October 1975
Viewing Notes
A sailboat at sunset. A large ship seen from a distance with many small sailboats around it and mountains in the background. Close up of two donkeys. Several close ups of statues of First Nations people. A sign that reads ‘The Old Indian Wishing Well of Capilano’. (Capilano Canyon, British Columbia) Shot of the Capilano Canyon suspension bridge. Signs in Vancouver Chinatown, including: ‘China Travel Service – Travel Unlimited’ and Wayen Chinese Cuisine. A close up of a sign ‘Yick Fung Tea Room’. Shot down the street, including a sign for ‘Temple Shop’ and BC Royal CA…’ Close up of two signs in Chinese, as well as a ‘Come in we’re open’ sign. Shot of Mount Baker in the distance. (Washington) Shot of the sign for The Hope Slide. (Site of the second largest landslide in Canada, near Hope, British Columbia) Panning shot of the slide. Close up of the sign for the Similkameen River, with the river in background. Shot of the river. Shot of the sign for Skaha Lake, ‘Skaha Lake – Litter barrel for tourists use only’. Several shots of the lake. An orchard next to the lake. Close up of a planter barrel full of petunias, with the road and cars in the background. A person trying to water ski. Shot of a log boom from above. Wide shot of a lake. Joan feeding Canada geese. Shots of mountains and a lake (Three Valley Gap?) Cars on the road along the mountains. More shots of lake and mountains. Cars going through a tunnel. Shot of a truck stop, signs for ‘Gulf’ oil, a sign that says ‘Smitty’s’ with a revolving sign for ‘Chicken, Steaks’. Another shot with other gas stations in the background, including Texaco. Shot of the road with a mountain in the background and a revolving A&W sign in the corner. Shot of a different gas station. Shot of lake and mountains. Shirley ‘Shirl’ Fluitt, Marge and Nellie at Radium Hot Springs. Wider shot of Radium Hot Springs Mineral Pools. Water coming out of a large pipe. Another shot of the pool. Cut to a shot of a waterfall. Cars driving through Sinclair Canyon. Cars in a parking lot. Shot of a coyote. Shot of a river. Cut to two women standing in front of a sign for the Continental Divide. Sign on the left says ‘Alberta – Banff National Park. Sign in the middle says ‘Continental Divide – Altitude 5382ft above sea level- Water flows- Atlantic Ocean ←, Pacific Ocean →’. Sign on the right says British Columbia – Kootenay National Park’. Shot of barren trees. Shot of a train going through the trees. (Lower spiral tunnels) Person feeding a chipmunk. Shot of cars on a road. Second shot of the train in the lower spiral tunnels. Several shots of mountains. A bear. Shot of a waterfall. Road to the ice fields. View of the ice fields. Dirt road around the ice fields, filmed through a car window. Various shots of the ice fields. Water coming off the ice fields. Bear walking in front of cars on the road. Lake Louise and Mount Victoria seen from a distance. (Banff National Park) Shot of Chateau Lake Louise. Shot of the lake through a window at Chateau Lake Louise. Several shots of gardens. Shot of birds. Shot of the gardens, lake and mountains. Sign reading ‘Great Divide’. Signpost reading ‘Alberta’. Person walked from the sign to a stream. Sign describing the Continental Divide. Wider shot of the sign. Shot of cliffs, road and bridges. Several shots of the train going through the Upper Spiral Tunnels. Sign reading ‘Yoho River – Kicking Horse River – Meeting of the Waters Confluent – Alt. 4483’. Shots of Takkakaw Falls. Cars on a road. Sign reading ‘Natural Bridge – ALT. 3962 – Yoho National Park – Parc National Yoho’. Shot of rapids and stone bridge. Emerald Lake. Two people in a canoe on Emerald Lake. Shot of gondolas at Banff, filmed from a gondola car, with mountains in background. Horses, and people on horseback, trail riding. Shot of Bow Falls. Banff Springs Hotel seen from a distance. Small tipi shaped building. Road in foreground, mountains in background. (Three Sisters?) Shot of a plane engine, seen from a plane window. Landscape seen from the air. A woman, a toddler and a baby. (Shelley, John, Kevin) A man leading a saddled horse. The same man (Bill) riding the horse. Joan on horseback. Steve on horseback. Women gathering cattails. (Shirl and Mary?) Shot of a ship named ‘William Carson’ (Port-aux-Basques). Dark shot inside the mail plane to Charlottetown. Two men constructing a building. Wider shot of the partially constructed building. Shots of a tractor moving carts full of boxes. Ship on the water filmed from the bow of a smaller boat. Boxes being unloaded from large ship into smaller boat for the clinic. Large ship named ‘Petite Forte’. Ship seen over stack of freight in smaller boat. A person stacking boards on a dock. Pile of boxes on shore. Shot of moored boats. People unloading boxes from boats. Excavating behind the school. Explosion behind the school. People standing around the blast zone. More explosions. People installing a seesaw. Children playing on the seesaw. [End of Reel]
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