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1) 2656.0015-.0016_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
2) 2656.0015-.0016_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
3) 2656.0016_FS8
Super8 film; [350 ft.]; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2656_0016-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Joan Cartledge--home movies] Reel 16
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1974 – 1975
Donor-supplied Notes
June 1974 - scalloping with John Kippenhuck &Nellie Fleritt Trip on Bonavista John, Nancy, Shelly at home June 1975 - clinic, Evelyn's wedding, Williams on roundabout, pastor to Square Islands Us leaving for summer Goose Bay Trip West
Viewing Notes
Scene of people in a boat, fishing with nets. Children sorting out scallops. A group of people on the dock. Shot of a boat at sunset. Different shot of a boat. A ship’s crane unloads a stack of boxes. Men on the deck working the crane. Icebergs seen from the deck of a ship. More shots of people on deck. Man at the wheel. Cut to a small child playing croquet with a German Sheppard in the background. Several children playing croquet. Close up of the German Sheppard. Cut to a shot of the coastline. Several houses close to the water. Scene of a wedding party walking up the path, past new construction. The wedding inside the church. A woman playing an upright piano. People eating at a large table. A plane flying in over the hills. A baby and a toddler sitting on a merry go round. A boat loaded with people and lumber. Shot that follows a pipe going up from the water. Panning shot of a building. Landscape seen from plane. Shot inside the plane. People getting off the plane onto a dock. Shot of a building from below. Scene of a roller coaster ride. Several other carnival rides, including ‘Spider’, ‘Paratrooper’, and ‘Saturn 6’. Roller coaster with Olympic rings design. Shot of a ferris wheel. Shots of various rides. Close up of a baby. A foal lying in a sawdust ring, with another horse lying nearby. Sign in the background reads ‘Royal American Shows’ and ‘World’s Largest-’. Several other shots of horses. Shots from the stands of a racetrack. Scenes of rodeo riders, part of the Calgary Stampede. Another horse race. Bucking broncos and other events. A hang glider over the racetrack, eventually lands on the racetrack. Trick riding. Scene of the Chuckwagon Derby. Shot of a hot air balloon. More shots of the Chuckwagon Derby. Fireworks at night. Two men on horseback in First Nation dress. A group of indigenous people in traditional dress. People in horse drawn wagons going down the street. A Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) can be seen in the background. Shot of the roof of a train as it drives past a body of water. Shot of mountains from the train. The train going through a tunnel. More shots of mountains. The train going through a tunnel. Cut to a sea lion in a pool. An otter beside a pool. Penguins in a pool. Monkeys in a zoo enclosure. Gibbons swinging around an enclosure. Quick shot of a monkey. An orca and a dolphin performing. Sign next to the pool reads ‘Vancouver Aquarium’. A seal floating in a pool. A beluga whale performing. Close up of a beluga’s eye and mouth. Shot of a dolphin. Shot of Canadian flag and two British Columbia flags. The dolphin and orca performing. Several shots of a bear in an enclosure. Same bear playing with a black bear. Black bear in a tree. Shot of three flags: British Columbia, Canada, and Great Britain. Shot of cars going over a bridge. Cut to shot of ducklings and a duck swimming in the water. Shot of a person’s hand feeding a black squirrel. A man feeding birds. Shot of a person’s hand feeding Canadian geese. Blurry shot of a white rabbit in the grass. Shot of a small train coming around a bend in the track. Several shots of two beavers. Multiple shots of elaborate gardens. Fountains. A totem pole. Shot of a ferry on the water. [End of Reel]
Travel, Weddings
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