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1) 2656.0015-.0016_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
2) 2656.0015-.0016_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
3) 2656.0015_FS8
Super8 film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2656_0015-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Joan Cartledge--home movies] Reel 15
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Can Descriptions
Labrador Elsie / Ina on trip - Winter in Bay Aug. '72 - Dec. '72
Viewing Notes
Two girls playing with a hose. A woman sprays the hose at the two girls. One girl tries to do a handstand. Two children hold a baby up in front of the camera. The baby crawling. A person holds the baby up to ‘walk’ with them. A woman holding the baby. A group of people, but it is too dark to see clearly. People on a small train. Shot of turkeys. Children feeding goats and deer. A man saddles a horse. Children petting the horse. A girl sitting on the horse, being led by the man. A man and a girl riding the horse. The man and a different girl riding the horse. A woman riding the horse. Two people riding horses. Close up of the two horses. Two girls sitting on a horse. Three children sitting on the horse. A dun horse and its foal. Dun horse drinking. Scene too dark to see. Close up of a cow’s udders. Multiple shots of cows. Two girls hold a bucket of milk for a calf to drink. Shot of flags: US, Great Britain, Ontario and Canada. A woman and two children waving from a parked car. Shot of three lions. Different shot of lions sleeping on a wood structure. A Saint Bernard dog stands next to a sign that says ‘Trespassers will be eaten’. Shot of baboons and cars on a dirt road. Baboons in the trees. More shots of the baboons. A shot of an ostrich walking past a car. Shot of a camel. Different shot of two camels. The camel approaches the camera. Shot of a zebra. Shot of three elephants. Shot of two bison, with cars on a road in the background. Shot of a donkey. Sea lions in the water. Three children in a paddle boat. Children climbing to a lookout platform in a tree. Children on swings. Water-skier with a hang glider. A boat pulls a person on water skis with a hang glider. Person hang gliding. Person water skiing. Boat pulls seven water skiers waving Canadian flags. Boats passing in formation. A woman balances on one foot on a speed boat. A boat pulls a different water skier. People without skis get dragged through the water. Water skiers going over jumps. A crowd of people around a pavilion with flags. Cut to an animal trainer with tigers. Tigers jump through a flaming hoop. Acrobats performing. Shot too dark to see, might be elephants. A tight rope walker performing. Close up of tight rope walker’s feet. Cut to a shot of road and buildings. Shot of the top of Niagara Falls. Shot of the boat, ‘Maid of the Mist’. Shot behind the falls. A child brushing a horse. A man exercises a dun horse on a lunge line, with its foal following. A man brushes and saddles a chestnut horse. A woman rides the dun horse while foal follows. Several people on horseback. A girl on a white horse. A person unsaddles a horse. Close up of the horse’s muzzle. Cut to a shot of a train filmed from a train window. The train passes a building with signs ‘Oxford Junction’ and ‘CNN Oxford Jct.’ Children waving from the train. Shot of a ship. Shot of fish on a roadside cart. People with books on wharf. Shot of the water from a boat. Several shots of the deck and water. Shot of icebergs seen in the distance. Two men in a small boat. Men working on the ship’s deck. A closer shot of icebergs. Two girls walking on the ship’s deck. Shot of a different iceberg. Shot of the cliffs. Girls on the ship deck. Shot of shore and houses. People in boats. Wider shot of the ship. Sunset on the water. A plane taking off over the water. Children smiling for the camera. Children playing. People carrying boards. Girls eating. A woman steps out of building with a paper bag over her head and waves at the camera. Children eating. A man unloading boxes from a boat. People waving from a boat. A group of people unload a large box from a cart. A tractor pulls a cart with children sitting in the cart. A float plane landing. Shots of various boats. Children sledding. Shot of the sunset. Children on a slide. [End of Reel]
Travel, Amateur films
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