4 Copies of This Film
1) 2654.0004_FS8
Super8 film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 2654.0003-.0004_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
3) 2654.0003-.0004_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2654_0004-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Labrador, 1970s. Joan Cartledge--home movies] Reel 4
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1974 – 1975
Donor-supplied Notes
Clinic Project, Sept. ‘74 Kids hauling water Men mixing concrete Raising walls Shingling building Hank & Doris leaving, Dec. ‘74 Getting our Christmas tree SW Brk. – cutting logs for dock Pastor Mitchell cutting logs for church Eye team at work in clinic Pinsent’s Arm Sunday school Dock & Wharf Dentist, spring ‘75 First landing of Mission plane at clinic dock
Viewing Notes
Three girls carrying water from the dock up a hill. Men mixing cement while children watch/help. A man in a hardhat cutting boards with a circular saw. Several shots of cement mixing. Pouring and leveling cement. Girls filling bags with dry cement and loading them into a wheelbarrow. Men digging a trench with pick axes. Wide shot of the construction site. Children carry sacks past rows of red oil drums. Different shots of the same boy pushing a wheelbarrow. Checking that the boards are level. Cutting and lifting boards. A man arrives at construction site with rifle and dead rabbit over his shoulder. Shot of ship dropping anchor. Shot pans around the ship. Smaller boat pulls up alongside. Shot of a woman digging with a pickaxe. Shot of a woman shoveling dirt. People unloading boards from boat onto dock. A person carrying a board. Shot of a boat pulling up to a dock. Group of men unload a crate from the boat. Wide shot of the clinic foundation and beginnings of the frame. Men installing clinic flooring. Shot of a boat driving past a float plane, seen from up on a hill. A boat delivers more lumber. People carry lumber up the hill. Shot of the ship, seen in the distance from a smaller boat. Zooms closer as smaller boat approaches. Three women in a boat. A woman and toddler in a different boat. Two women and toddler aboard the ship. A woman (Shirley ‘Shirl’ Fluitt?) climbs up ladder to ship. Shots of fish on a drying rack. Group of people raising the walls of the clinic. Raising the roof supports. Shot of boats on the water. Shot of the mostly completed clinic, while people work on the roof. Shot of three men sitting in the bushes, talking. Shot of people shingling the roof. Digging a trench. Group of men trying to move a large rock by hand. Various other shots of men shingling. A man chopping wood while smoking a cigarette. A boy sliding down an icy path. People pushing a snowmobile over dirt and rocks, unloading a bag of sand. Girl holds up a dead lynx (bobcat?) A snowmobile approaching down a snow covered trail. Snowmobiles and sleds passing the camera. Float plane arrives. Boat leaves, carrying a woman and a man with a camera. Shot of float plane parked at the edge of the ice. Woman and child carry a spruce tree to a sled. The child falls down. The woman shows off a dead rabbit to the camera while the child ties the tree to the sled. Multiple shots of the woman on a snowmobile dragging the tree away. A woman crouching on porch, skinning a rabbit. Two women drawing water from a hole in the ice. Shot of three dead seals on a sled. Men working at a sawmill in the snow. Panning shot of stacks of logs. Exterior and interior shots of a structure made half of logs and half of tarp. Close up of pots and cans heating on an oil drum stove. Shot of the sawmill and log pile. Snowmobile with sled hauling logs. Stacking logs. Burning brush. Men rest after cutting logs. A group of children walk through the woods. A boy digs through the ice with hatchet. Tree falls. People cutting the tree while the children play in the snow. A person packs dead rabbits behind windshield of snowmobile, then leaves. Shot of a dead seal. Several panning shots of houses. Man chopping wood. Man (Pastor Mitchell) cutting down trees with a chainsaw. Snowmobiles approaching at dusk. Stacking lumber. Snowmobile leaving sawmill. Interior shot of the clinic, including a microscope and files. A woman talks to a patient. An eye exam. The doctor using the microscope. Eye exam with a different patient. Children waiting. A girl holds up a card. People coming and going from the clinic. Different doctor examines a girl’s eyes. Children in rows of desks in Pinsent’s Arm Sunday School, clapping and singing. Men indoors, standing around a table with boards and woodworking tools. Shot of more tools and supplies. Shot of a stack of boards. Shot of a building (wharf?). Several shots of the newly constructed dock. Float plane taxis past wharf. Tractor hauling a stack of lumber. Shot of a white building with green trim. [Possibly the clinic] People sitting inside the clinic. Shot of a painting of a lighthouse on the clinic wall. Dentist working on patients. Shot of dentist tools. Shots of people waiting to see dentist. Shots of different rooms in the clinic. Shot of a woman disembarking a float plane. People walk down gangplank from dock to float plane. Shots of the dock. A float plane lands, seen with the dock in foreground. Shots of people boarding the plane. Shot of plane leaving. Various close up shots of a stream. The clinic seen from the water. Shot of the stream flowing into the bay. [End of Reel]
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