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Super8 film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
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BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
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DVD; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2654_0002-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Labrador, 1970s. Joan Cartledge--home movies] Reel 2
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1973 – 1974
Donor-supplied Notes
Spring Break ‘73 Women’s Sports Day, May Frog Jump contest Spring picnic Walt & Len trouting, head of bay Moving to Square Islands for summer Launching “Field & Stream” Salmon from a trout net Aunt Clara, stretcher case Mission plane taking off Good-bye to Labrador, spring ‘73 Flight over Labrador Seal on John K’s dock, Sept. ‘73 Behind residence Shirl on hike, A. Turnbull’s Cutting cod behind house Two streamers in bay, Uncle Sam leaving Melvina’s house afire SSSZB on playground, winter ‘74 Builing skidoo shed Horse from Christmas program, ‘73 Gene & Frank hauling logs Our kids going to St. John’s, exchange Aunt Rachel’s funeral Acrobatics on skidoo, Edmund Aunt Susie on snowshoes Blizzard Spring 1973 to mid winter 1974
Viewing Notes
Shot of water and ice flows. Four women doing a three-legged race for Women’s Sports Day. People playing cricket. Women in a jumping contest. Women competing in a race, balancing eggs on spoons carried in their mouths. Women playing field hockey with signs on their backs. One reads ‘Stomping Effie’. A foot race. A game of tug-a-war: the women fall into the bushes, the other team is not visible. A group of children have a frog jumping contest, using a measuring tape to measure each frog’s jump. Shot of the bucket of frogs. A girl opens a can with knife. Boy holding a box of pastries. Close up shots of children at a picnic. A boat carrying a load of logs. Walt and Len fishing for trout. A girl takes fish out of net. A man hauling in nets. A boy gutting a fish. People waving from boat. A group of men use a tractor to push a boat, the ‘Field and Stream’, down log rollers to water. A group of children standing on the steps of a building show off a large salmon. People get in two small boats. The boat meeting a float plane, shot of people playing in the boat, then the same plane taking off. A group of people waving at camera from dock. Tying off a float plane, ‘LABRADOR AIRWAYS LTD, tail number CF – OUQ. Shot of Labrador from the air through plane window. Gutting a seal on John K.’s dock. Panning shot of a double rainbow. Backyard of a house with slide. A schooner at dock. Shots of boats on water from various angles. A woman (Shirley ‘Shirl’ Fluitt) hiking. Cutting up cod. Shot of two ships in the distance. A man (Uncle Sam) leaving in boat with three other people. Crowd of people watching Melvina’s house burn. Some people throw buckets of water on the fire. Closer shots of the house burning. People use long poles to knock down burning walls. Children follow a tractor down a dirt road. Children sledding. Children and teens playing dodge-ball. A laundry line in the snow. Men notching and stripping logs with hatchets to build a skidoo shed. Shot of children dressed up as a horse to pull a fake sleigh for a Christmas program. Shot of a log shed. People sledding. Gene and Frank hauling logs with snowmobile. Drawing water from a hole in the ice. People turning somersaults in the snow. Shot of a plane flying. Cut to a plane taxiing on snowy airstrip. People gather around plane and board to fly to St. John’s. Coffin carried out of house and put on sled for funeral. Distorted shots of the funeral and of lowering the coffin into the ground. Men filling in the grave. Skidoo going over jumps. Two boys trying to right a stuck snowmobile. A woman (Aunt Susie) and girls snowshoeing, one girl falls and gets stuck. Shoveling out the front door of a house after a blizzard. Panning shot of snow drifts up to the windows. Shots of houses during the blizzard. Two people viewed from behind walking through the snow during the blizzard. Two people riding a snowmobile. The snowmobile gets stuck, but they push it free. [End of Reel]
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