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DVD; Silent; Color
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BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
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Super8 film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
4) nhf-2654_0001-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Labrador, 1970s. Joan Cartledge--home movies] Reel 1
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1972 – 1973
Can Descriptions
Labrador, Christmas-Spring Break, Dec. '72 - June '73
Donor-supplied Notes
Our Christmas Tree, Dec. '72 Uncle Tome & snared rabbits; St. John's kids leaving; boys cutting pastor's wood; Tilt at airstrip; men's boilup; Enroute Arm w/ organ; men digging snow, airstrip; Rex and husky team; supply plane landing; Snowy owl, Sq. Is., St. John's trip; Shirl, Ruth, Betty on skidoo enroute Islands; Uncle John, Aunt Nellie; Joan Driving; Tilt enroute Arm; down saddle; Ben's trapline; Grandmother Kippenhuck's funeral, April '73; Trouting, head of bay; crawling into Arm thru slob; Mother's Day program; Spring supplies on slobby ice; chopper w/ Mike Martin; Lizzie & Ruthie; Men sawing at mill; Lester C. on bike; Phyllis' wedding; trip to Islands on Sandy's boat; "Seville"; duck eggs; grumpus "Strathcona"; Edm. selling trout; Shirl pumping oil at school; Joan getting water at well, June '73 December 1972 to June 1973
Viewing Notes
Putting on snowshoes next to a skidoo and komatik. Two people snowshoeing. Shot of trees. A person with axe. Skidoo and sled. Chopping wood. A man with axe and dead snow hare (Uncle Tome). Two people dragging a tree. Snowmobiling. Dragging a tree with snowmobile. A crowd of people getting supplies from a plane. Children playing on a slide in the snow. People on snowmobiles and a person revving up chainsaw. Cutting trees with chainsaw and dragging the tree on a sled. Chopping a tree with an axe. Scene of loading trees on sleds. Men stripping tree bark with hatchets and building some structure. A pot boiling on campfire. Shot of airstrip flag. Shot of a woman on snowmobile. Panning shot of trees and mountains. Righting a tipped sled. Men digging a trench in the snow. Shot of trail filmed from snowmobile. Sled dog team and three people on sled. Children playing with dogs. Supply plane landing. People holding a dead snowy owl. Shots of people walking in the snow and riding snowmobiles. Sledding/sliding. People eating outside. Shot of houses buried in snow. A plane landing. People lining up near a supply plane. Women on snowmobile (Shirley, Ruth and Betty?) Group of people come out of houses and line up and wave at the camera. Person loading a snowmobile compartment. Shot of stream. Person riding a snowmobile. Shot of a log cabin. Snowmobiling. A man (Ben Powell?) and boy take dead beaver out of trap. “Grandmother Kippenhuck's funeral”: People gather on foot and on snowmobiles. A coffin is dragged on a sled. A man builds a fire. A boy takes two fish out of cooler and holds them up. Shot of plane in flight. A woman (Joan?) crawling in the snow. Person on snowmobile dragging another person on a sled. They get stuck in water/slush. Shot of a plane in flight. Two boys with fish. Women gather in front of the camera. Children wave at the camera. Two boys climbing on log pile. Unloading supplies from a plane. Two planes taxi on snowy airstrip. Takeoff made difficult by “slobby” ice. People move supplies with snowmobiles. Shot of a helicopter. Two children and two toddlers. Older children force toddlers to kiss. (Lizzie & Ruthie) Same four children on a slide. Men sawing lumber at mill. Child and toddler walking holding hands. Toddler gets put on bike behind boy (Lester C.). Young girl in a red sweater. A boy on bike. People gather for wedding. Bridesmaids in yellow dresses. The bride (Phyllis) walking with (presumably) her father. Phyllis and her groom exit the building. Shot of water and islands filmed from Sandy’s boat. Shots of boats on water. A man holds up a fish. More shots of the islands, water and ice. Canadian flag billowing behind a boat. Man walking on shore with a gun, collecting duck eggs. Whales [donor notes refer to whales as ‘grampus’] A boy selling trout. Shirley ‘Shirl’ Fluitt and another woman pumping oil from a drum and pouring it into an oil tank. Shot of plane flying. Joan getting water from a well. [End of Reel]
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