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1) 2659.0008_F8
8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) nhf-2659_0008-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Marguerite Larock--home movies] Reel 8
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Donor-supplied Notes
At Moosehead Lake with Grandpa & Grandma. The Farm. Gramp going for Berries. Grandma knitting a stitch, & Denny doing what comes naturally. At Camp. Denny can almost swim. And Marcia rally can swim now. Marcia’s 8th Birthday, the evening of August 7th. In a pile of gravel with Judy & Jamie. A Frost reunion at Granpa’s. From little to big! All accounted for. All accounted for. The Ballgame. Poor frying Pan. Dad at his Best! Fall at Moosehead. With Eleanor & Phyllis. What a banquet! The Camp & the Fisherman. Earle, too. On a trip to the Mountains with Gram Larock & a jug of cider. What a fight! After the picnic. Denny (2 year old) plus gifts & cake & Clifford, Claudia & Chummy Sivovlas. 1949 Christmas, Early morning at 417 Main St. Easter chick. Wintertime at Grandpa’s. Snowballing the camera woman & “Vallee” too.
Viewing Notes
A boy (Dennis) sitting in a birch tree. A man standing next to the tree. Dennis and the man walking in the grass, towards a flag pole. Panning shot of the lake. Shot of the house. Shot of the American flag. Panning shot of the yard. A woman, Grandma, sitting in a chair, crocheting. Dennis sits, drinking from a bottle. Marcia and Dennis in swimsuits, walking down a dirt road. A man (Lionel), Dennis and other children swimming. A woman and four children walking down the street. Dennis playing on a sand pile. More children (Judy and Jamie) join him. Shot of the outside of a house, with people seen through the front door. People walking out of the house. Man hitting a ball with a frying pan. A different man playing the same game. Women (Eleanor and Phyllis) and children (Marcia and Denny?) walking together, playing in the trees at Moosehead Lake. Panning shots of the trees. Marcia and Dennis playing in the trees. Shot of a house. Two men and a child walking down the road. Man with a fishing pole and tackle box. Adults and children. Dennis with a jug. Lionel, Marcia and Dennis playing in the leaves, while another woman watches. Denny at age 2 standing by the steps. Children bring him gifts (“Clifford, Claudia & Chummy Sivovlas”) Children walking down the stairs Christmas morning. Marcia and Dennis opening presents. Shot of the Christmas tree. Marcia opens a gift and holds up a sweater. Lionel helps Dennis with a toy car. Children hold up their gifts. Children playing with a pink chick. Close up of the chick. Dennis playing in the snow with his grandfather. Lionel and Marcia in the snow with a dog. Dennis walks up and throws a snowball at the camera. Lionel and Marcia join in. Close up of Dennis. Various shots of children playing in the snow. [End of Reel]
Can Descriptions
Summer '49
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