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8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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[Marguerite Larock--home movies] Reel 7
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1948 – 1949
Donor-supplied Notes
Denny one year old. Red Cloutier plus the waste can. Flying Dutchman? The first snow of Christmas 1948. Early in the morning at 417 Main st., 14 months old. Br-r-r-r cold stuff. Giving Daddy a work-out. Aviator in the nude. 3 of a kind. Spring ’49. Denny & his crew. Lurancy & Judy. First picnic “down back.” June ’49 at Sabbathday Lake. Ammunition for the water pistol. Is Marcia swimming? It’s a fake. “Gee this boat wiggles.” Last day of school ’49. In the sand box. At “DeeDee’s.” Hi Pop! Sniff! Hi DeeDee. Denny’s new bike. At Camp. The Barbershop. Some Chinaman. Connie’s new doll. Fishing down back after a shower. 1949 4th of July at camp. Denny’s first & last (?) real 4th.
Viewing Notes
A baby (Dennis) walking, at one year old. A little girl (Marcia) and Dennis walking, holding hands. A man, Red Cloutier, sweeping. Dennis walking around a car. Cut to Dennis in the snow, Christmas 1948. (Film changes to color) Marcia and Dennis opening presents next to a Christmas tree. Marcia in the snow, pulling a sled. Dennis and Marcia playing in the snow. A man (Lionel) playing with Dennis. Dennis wearing aviator sunglasses and a hat. Marcia, Lionel and Dennis pose for the camera. (Film changes to black and white) Dennis sitting in a Radio Flyer wagon. Marcia pulling Dennis in the wagon. A child and a teen standing beside a car. (“Lurancy & Judy”) Cut back to Dennis in the wagon. Marcia and Dennis having a picnic. (Film changes to color) Lionel, Marcia and Dennis playing on the beach at Sabbathday Lake. Dennis playing alone. Marcia playing in the water. Lionel sets Dennis in a small rowboat. Marcia joins him. Dennis sitting on a bench. Children leaving school, on the last day of school. (1949) Marcia and Dennis sitting near a sandbox. Marcia and Dennis sniffing flowers. A man walks up to the camera. (DeeDee?) Marcia watches Dennis on a bicycle. Cut to Dennis playing in the woods near their camp. Dennis and a woman sit on the beach, the woman cutting his hair. Dennis carrying an umbrella. Connie showing a doll to Marcia in front of a shop. Dennis fishing in a puddle. Lionel and the children playing with firecrackers at camp. Dennis walking near camp. [End of Reel]
Can Descriptions
October '48
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