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8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) nhf-2659_0006-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Marguerite Larock--home movies] Reel 6
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Donor-supplied Notes
One foggy day in July ’47, Boiling Springs, Pa. with Vernard & Phyl at “Sparton Manor.” Ambulance Super Duper. With Joan at Camp. Peek a boo! The parade. Dad, Earl, Dr. Gross’ plane at Allagash lake. At Marcia’s 7th birthday party. The Goudeys, Collins boys, Nancy Cram, Connie Bolduc, Sylvia & Marianne, Lurancy. Lola & “her Denny.” At Sabbathday Lake, 10 ½ months old. Parker hennessey’s daughter, Susan. Denny in the “tub.” Dicky Hennessey. At the Fair, almost 11 months old. Marcia, Nancy Cram, and that Denny boy. One Sunday at Grandma’s, 11 months old. Sure I can walk, but it’s fun to creep! Want a ride, Mr.? That’s Lady – Down for the count!
Viewing Notes
A car backing away from a trailer, through the fog, at Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. A man (Vernard Frost) walking around the trailer. A girl and boy (Marcia and Dennis) rolling in a cart. A girl (Joan?) pushes Dennis in a wheelbarrow near their camp. Various shots of Dennis in the wheelbarrow. Two children playing in the dirt. Dennis, sitting in the wheelbarrow, peeking from behind a tree. Marcia carrying an American flag, pulling a wagon with Dennis and a drum. A man carrying a board. Marcia beating the drum. Three men next to the water. Panning shot from the men, to a canoe, to a float plane. (“Dad, Earl, Dr. Gross’ plane at Allagash lake.”) Children playing in the yard at Marcia’s 7th birthday party, including “the Goudeys, Collins boys, Nancy Cram, Connie Bolduc, Sylvia & Marianne, Lurancy.” (Film changes to color) Party guests gathered in front of the house. Marcia opening presents. Dennis in a stroller with another boy standing next to him (Clifford?) Marcia cutting a birthday cake as guests watch. Lola feeding Dennis cake. Dennis in the water at Sabbathday Lake, at 10 and a half months old. Cut to a baby lying on a blanket outside. (“Parker Hennessey’s daughter, Susan”) Dennis playing in the water. Shot of a boy (Dick Hennessey) on the beach. (Film changes to black and white.) Shot of a carousel at the fair. Lionel and Dennis in the grass. Cut back to the carousel. Shot Marcia and Dennis on a different fair ride. Marcia, Dennis and other children on a small train. Marcia being led on a pony. Lionel holds Dennis up on the same pony. Dennis standing by a fence. Dennis standing next to a bench. Dennis pushing a stroller as Marcia follows. Dennis with Lady the dog. Dennis walking, then he falls over. [End of Reel]
Can Descriptions
July '47
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