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8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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[Marguerite Larock--home movies] Reel 4
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1944 – 1946
Donor-supplied Notes
Christmas at 417 Main & at Charlotte’s, 1944. The Goudeys, Collins’ & 2 Larocks. Christmas music 1945, dancing “au natural.” Marcia’s 4th birthday party one rainy day at camp. The Shepards, Collins’, & Dick Henessey. She cuts her cake - & licks the knife. On the road to the beach & Pennells ramp. Oh that Joh Shephard swinging & dancing & waiting for a letter from Daddy. VJ Day & a Parade at camp. Don Spiller. The only firecrackers at Bridge’s Beach were Marcia’s. Claudia & Marcia. Grandpa & Charlotte. Swinging with Mommy. At Rangeley Lake, Mommy, Grandpa, & Grandma, too. Fall 1945 A Day of School in Kindergarten. Going back to Penn. Helping Claudia. Waiting for Daddy to come home from France. March 1946. Del Strout at Togus. Home at last! Daddy & Marcia picking Pussy Willows. Daddy’s home & we’re at Mt. Holly Springs. Meeting Bomba after work. Bomba’s blonde baby. Ray’s home. The Magnolia Tree at Fullers. Blowing bubbles in the breeze. Celebrating the return home of our 3 soldiers at Sabbathday. Claudia’s 2nd birthday, May 1946.
Viewing Notes
Christmas 1944. Children, including Marcia, opening presents near a Christmas tree. Marcia is given a doll. Shot of the people gathered around the tree (“The Goudeys, Collins’ & 2 Larocks”) Two girls playing piano. Marcia playing piano. (1945) Marcia dancing. Cut to Marcia with a stuffed dog, next to a pile of presents, at her fourth birthday. People gathered around Marcia as she opens presents. (“The Shepards, Collins’, & Dick Henessey”) Marcia blowing out candles and cutting the cake. (Film changes to black and white) Cut to Marcia in a swimsuit running down a dirt road and wooden stairs. (Pennells) Marcia swimming. A boy swimming. Marcia and a boy (John Sheppard?) sitting in a folding chair. They kiss. Boy pushes Marcia on the swings. Marcia dancing while the boy claps. Cut to a parade of children carrying American flags for “VJ Day” (Victory over Japan Day). Man in uniform and children setting off firecrackers at Bridge’s Beach. People at the beach. A baby girl (Claudia) playing with a bucket. Marcia and a woman (Marguerite?) on a swing. Marcia playing on the dock at Rangeley Lake, Fall 1945. A line of children with their teachers exiting a school building and walking down the street. Marcia with her grandparents. A man driving a car waves at the camera. Marcia helping Claudia go up stairs and walk. Marcia sitting on the steps with a cat, eating ice cream. Marcia and her father (Lionel) in uniform, picking pussy willows. Marcia and Lionel at Mt. Holly Springs. (Film changes to color) Marcia and Bomba (Vernard Frost?) walking down the street. Shot of Marcia approaching a yellow car while Bomba, in the driver’s seat, lowers the convertible roof. Two men (Bomba and Ray?) struggle to tie back the car’s roof. Shot of magnolia trees at the Fuller’s home. Marcia walking past the trees with a man. Marcia blowing bubbles. Family gathered around a table at Sabbathday Lake. Claudia sitting in a chair, eating, as Marcia walks past. Marcia hands her a hotdog. Various shots of family members. People gathered around Claudia and her birthday cake. Children wearing party hats pose next to the cake and wave. (Claudia’s 2nd birthday, May 1946) Claudia takes a bite out of the cake. [End of Reel]
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