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8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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[Marguerite Larock--home movies] Reel 2
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1942 – 1943
Donor-supplied Notes
January 1943. 17 months old. On Main st., Lewiston. By Daddy’s store. Marcia’s red velvet hat & blue gabardine snow suit. Giving my baby a ride & it’s hard pushing. On Elm st. – Blue velvet white fur & angora. Mummy made my suit. Playing in the snow. Whoopalie!! Walking down Main St. There’s Rock & Serie. Going to school the hard way – Wallace School. Brrr! Cold day. With the Goudey girls, Russell Ave., Auburn. Here’s Donder, too. The neighborhood gang on the Goudey swings. Hard walking. “At home with Baby.” Kiss the baby. Bright lights. I can take off my shoes. Sunday before Easter at Eva Marcoux’s with Joan, Patty, Roland, Gladys, Grammy, & my Mom & Dad. Easter Sunday & flowers for Grammy. See my bunny, Rocky. Let me swipe your face, Rocky. With Lola at 31 Elm St. Mommy & Jare ready ready to leave for Camp. June 1943. Rocky’s 2nd Birthday party & Billy, too. Cousins! One summer evening I helped Rocky. At camp! Fun at Goudeys. Bomba home on weekend pass from Camp Edwards. Tug of War. Short & long of Larocks on Pennell’s beach. Hi Daddy! Roland’s bath. Marcia & Carol Anne Satrappe. A Honey Bee. Pollen on his nose. Marcia’s 2nd birthday party 1943. Marion & Carol Anne Strappe, Marjorie, Rocky & Billy Morey. Lola & her 3 boys. Charlotte & her two girls. Lois & her 2 girls. Sally Remillard & her Aunt Vera. Denny & his mother (Winslow).
Viewing Notes
A toddler (Marcia at 17 months old) pushes a doll stroller down the sidewalk, past people and a storefront. Various shots of Marcia walking in the snow. Marcia climbing up steps. (of the Wallace School?) Three children playing in the snow. (Marcia with the Goudey girls) A dog, Donder, runs past. A group of children in the snow. Three children playing with the dog in the snow. Group of children on swings. Close shot of Marcia by the swings. Marcia pushing a doll stroller around the house. Marcia playing with the doll. Cut to adults and children posing in front of the camera, with cars and houses in the background. Girls jumping rope. Various shots of people. Marcia holding a stuffed bunny. She sets it down to sniff flowers. Marcia and Rocky playing with the bunny. Rocky is attached to a leash and harness. Marcia wipes his face. (Film changes to color) A woman (Lola) helps a Marcia down the front stops of a house. Marcia playing in the yard. She is joined by a woman. Cut to Marcia and Rocky sitting at a small table eating cake. Shot of a baby in a high chair (Billy). Marcia and two other girls in pink dresses with flower bouquets. The girls playing. Marcia trying to help Rocky with his shoes. Cut to Marcia playing at the beach. (Film changes to black and white) Marcia playing with water in the yard with the Goudey girls. Marcia picking flowers. A man (“Bomba”) in uniform stops to greet Marcia Bomba puts his hat on Marcia. Close up of Bomba. Bomba playing ball with Marcia. Marcia and Rocky fighting over a toy. (Rocky is tethered to the front steps) Cut to Marcia and a woman walking on Pennell’s Beach. Girls playing in the water. Marcia and a boy playing near the water. A man (Roland) swimming. He crouches on the beach and a girl rubs soap on his back. Marcia and Carol Ann Satrappe playing on the beach. (Film changes to color) Marcia and a baby in a stroller. Marcia sitting in a chair outside. Marcia picking flowers. Marcia brings a flower to Rocky. Marcia with a bouquet. Marcia and Rocky playing. Children playing in the yard at Marcia’s 2nd birthday party (1943). Closer shot of women holding babies. Various shots of the party attendees. (“Marion & Carol Anne Strappe, Marjorie, Rocky & Billy Morey. Lola & her 3 boys. Charlotte & her two girls. Lois & her 2 girls. Sally Remillard & her Aunt Vera. Denny & his mother. [End of Reel]
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