4 Copies of This Film
1) 2791.0010_F16
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 2791.0008-.0010_DVD
DVD; Silent; b&w
3) 2791.0008-.0010_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; b&w
4) nhf-2791_0010-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 10
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1932 – 1934
Can Descriptions
Children New Haven Feb 1932 - Wint in snow New Haven Summer in Chocorua - Van Dyke children Thanksgiving 1933 Blizzard Feb 1934 - Summer 1934 2 Boys + Peggy Winter at end
Viewing Notes
Two boys (Winthrop, "Wint" and Lee) and a woman in the yard. Children playing in a fountain. Children with sleds. Lee skiing. Shot of a woman in a fur coat. Shot of a child in snow gear. Dark, indoor shot. Children and two women emptying out the pool. Shot of a man walking through the garden, seen from behind. Various shots of children in the yard. The children playing in the pond. Cut to a girl (Nette) on a pony, being led by a woman, while Lee and Wint play. Wint and a dog standing on a dirt road. Wint with a toy horse, with Nette and a real horse in the background. Shot of the woman helping Lee onto the pony. Cut to children playing in the yard. Various shots of children. A girl standing on a swing. The girl swinging as a boy walks past. A boy near piles of lumber in the yard. Dark shot of the children playing with a ball in the yard. Cut to a snowy yard with a woman skiing. Children playing on a snow bank, piled up to a nearby building’s second story. Panning shot of the snowy yard, out buildings and house. Children playing in the snow. Close up of a woman walking in the snow. Shot of trees and houses filmed from a moving vehicle. Cut to a man with a dogsled near houses. Several dogsled teams pass the camera. Wider shots of the dogsled race. Cut to a child with skis. A child playing in the snow, joined by a dog. [End of Reel]
Children, Amateur films
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