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1) 2791.0006_F16
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 2791.0005-.0007_DVD
DVD; Silent; b&w
3) 2791.0005-.0007_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; b&w
4) nhf-2791_0006-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 6
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circa 1929
Can Descriptions
London + Paris 1929 - 108 Everet St. at End
Viewing Notes
Policemen on horseback. Shot of a wagon carrying barrels. Shot of the Spanish Steps in Rome. Cut to various shots of zoo animals in enclosures, including, lions, polar bears, tigers, camels, and elephants. Cut to men on horseback. A man on the street hands out something to a crowd. Street vendors, with a partially obscured poster for Wanda Tiziana at Piazza Cavour [Possibly for a performance at Teatro Adriano] Shot of a crowd on the street. Shot of St. Mark’s Clocktower, Piazza San Marco, Venice. Shot of a bridge over a canal, Venice. Soldiers walking over a canal bridge. A sailing ship near Venice. Shot of gondolas and other boats on the Grand Canal, with a cruise ship and Saint Mark’s Basilica in the background. Cut to a man leading a donkey cart full of hay. Shot of a village street. A window seen from inside. A boat on the water with a village and hillside in the background. Men moving rocks on the shore while people watch. Boats pulled up in front of a Pasticceriea. Panning shot along the waterfront. People on board the steamboat Savoia on Lake Como. A life preserver can be seen in the background reading: ‘Savoia Lariana’. Rowers on the lake. Various shots people on the streets of Bellagio, Italy. A man standing on the waterfront with mountains in the background. A man mending fishing nets. A woman carrying a basket. Children playing. Women carrying baskets on their backs. Two nuns. Shot of boats on the lake. Shot of a truck passing on train tracks. Men working outside. People walking past the outside of a castle. Cut to a scene of cars and wagons at Place de la Concord, Paris, with fountain and Obelisk of Luxor in background. Shot of a city street. People walking in a square with the statue ‘Hercules fighting Archelous transformed into a snake’ by François-Joseph Bosio in the background. Boats on the river. A group of soldiers walking down the street. Vendors along the Seine. Men fishing in the river. Book vendors along the Seine. Various shots of the streets of Paris. The front door of the Hotel de Bourgogne et Montana. Shot of the lower part of L’Arch de Triomphe. People walking in the park. Shot of a statue. Shot of the Pont Alexadre III. Closer shot of the Grand Palais. Shot of a lion statue. Shot of the street with L’Arch de Triomphe in the background. Crowd of people in a park. Shot of rowers on a lake and a waterfall. [Possibly Parc des Buttes Chaumont] Cut to the gardens of Versailles. Shot of Versailles. Scene of a horse race. Shot of the front of the Paris Panthéon. Men in uniform on the street. Shot of a lifeboat being lowered. Cut to a dark shot of Wellington Arch in London. Shot of the entrance to Hyde Park. People on horseback in the park. Shot of Tower Bridge and the Thames. Shot of double-decker buses on the street. Shot of guards marching. A crowd on the street, some holding signs. One sign says ‘Come Unto Not’. A woman leaving a building. Various shots of people walking. Cars and sheep on the street. The front of the ‘(obscured) Crescent Hotel.’ Landscape seen from a moving vehicle. Various shots of boats on the water. People boarding a ship. [Cunard Line] A boxing match on the ship. Men boxing with bags over their heads. Cut to children playing in the yard with a hose. [End of Reel]
Travel, Amateur films
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