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1) 1584.0002_F8
8 mm film; [50 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 1584.0001-1584.0018_INSP3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
3) 1584.0001-1584.0018_VHS
VHS; Silent; Color
4) nhf-1584_0002-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
5) nhf-1584_0002-CLIR - 1584 Doughty-H.264 tech.mov
[Estella Doughty--home movies] Reel 2
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Can Descriptions
Box notes: 'At Julia's, Julie and Teedie'
Viewing Notes
A little boy (Shawn Raven) walking on the lawn. A woman (Dee raven) gives him a volleyball. Two women (June and Dee Raven) playing badminton on the lawn. An older woman (Ellura Buzzell) and a woman in curlers (Dee) walking across the lawn with a mother horse and her foal. Dee leads the horse and Ellura guides the foal. They put them in a pasture with other horses. Cut to a woman (Julia Raven) on a mini bike riding across the field. A boy (Manny Raven) on the mini bike. Dee laying on a blanket in the lawn with curlers in her hair sun tanning. Julia by a picnic table. She is pushing a kid in a stroller while two other kids walk with her. A red car pulls up to the house. The mother horse and foal running in the pasture. Two other horses running in a different pasture. One bites at the other and they run around. A man (Harold Doughty) sits in a chair on the lawn with a cigarette and a drink. A boy, his son, comes over. Harold in the garden. [End of Reel]
Anecdotal Comments & Reflections
Notes from viewing with family (mostly Julia Raven, with some input from Mark and Dee): Sean w/ ball. Dee Dee on the lawn with June. [Sean, Dee Dee, and June are Julia Raven's kids, Estella's grandkids. Dee Dee was a nickname for Estella Raven.] My sister, Ruthie, and my mother-in-law, Ellura Buzzell, with the horses. [Ellura Buzzell was Julia's mother-in-law and had a farm near hers in Freedom] Ellura owned a pony farm in Freedom where she raised Shetland ponies. Julia on a mini bike. Manny Raven, her son. [Manny was a nickname for Floyd Raven Jr.] Dee Dee with her hair in curlers. Julia pushing kids in a carriage. Brother, Harold and his son.
Children, Family
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