[Walter J. Clark--home movies] Reel 16
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1937 – 1939
Donor-supplied Notes
Loose notes in can - Dirigo News scenes taken about Ellsworth (See Book) 1937-38. Scenes taken at Bar Harbor Surf by Serenus Rodick, Nov. 1939 (200ft) Labor Day at Bluehill [sic] Sept. 4, 1939 nice day, October 7, 10:45 am, 1939, Parade of 4H Club coming down State Street also E.H. School Band real hot day. Reel 17: Label on can - (6) Personal Scenes (Silent). [1939] Reel 18: Label on can - (7) Personal (Silent). [1939] Reel 19: Label on can - (12) Florida and Mexico (Colored, Silent). Loose notes inside can - June 6, 1939. 2X part of this was taken, first I took was of Iva and her mother in the shade of the Old Apple Tree so. side of House on Tuesday afternoon at 4:10 pm bright set the 1-9 camera at 8. June 7, Graduation Class at Class Day at City Hall. 3x Marguerite Carte wedding. June 14, 1939 at 2am. Rain. June 21 with Berte Glosso [?] on Pony [?]. Other one F. Grant took some where in Mexico o[r] Florida, and rest I took of Iva and her Mother outside of Fence picking apple blossoms. DIB Scenes taken at Dedication of Deer Isle - Segwick Bridge, June 19, 1939, first my car, with Martin L. Adams Ch. Co. Comm. at wheel going onto bridge at 10:28 am. m. [sic?] Colby Wardwell Csate [sic?] Police at Toll keeper [sic], scenes taken from top of Bridge, and others during day also at Barters Camp with Legislature there on picnic. # WF. Last of Geo. F. making kids at 4pm, Saturday, May 13, 1937. Fred Grant Colonel. he let me take this one in case he [?] it. Personal.
Can Descriptions
Label on can - 21. [1939].
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