[Walter J. Clark--home movies] Reel 14
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1933 – 1946
Viewing Notes
Erecting a power pole outside Clark the Printer in winter, pan of Ellsworth streets around Main Street and Water Street. Bridge. Shots of still photos, some around town and some on holiday. One at doorway with Clark the Printer/Justice of the Peace. Old man with a child on either side of him, all seated. Back to moving images, along Union River in Ellsworth, Clark the Printer opposite Socony tanks. Children in yard. Intertitle: Velma and Nana "Worgy" August 1933. Nice view of printer's shop with women outside. Title: Scenes at the Clark's Christmas, 1946. Visit to cemetery. Inside, Clark, cat, tree with tinsel, woman plays with cat. Woman at piano. City Hall, people coming out. Views in City Hall, people at work. Floral tributes, person in their casket. H.B. Moor. [FUNERAL: Howard B. Moor was born in 1861.]
Donor-supplied Notes
Loose notes in can - #12 (Supersencitive) [sic]. Hamor Boy and Chief Geo. Abbot of Bar Harbor leaving Jail for Court House, to be arraigned on Assult [sic] with intent to Kill, taken Jan 26 2:15 pm cloudy and camera set at 4. Supt of Schools Officer, with entire Board in session (Jan. 26, '37) then office with Supt. and Velma, City Clerks office with City Manager, McFarland, City Clerk, J.A. Cunnungham [sic?], and Clarie Reed, taken same date. Scenes taken at Winnies Grave, Feb. 10, '37. Scenes taken in my living room, Tuesday at 5:30 pm Feb. 23, '37. Z-1. Scenes taken at Howard B. Moor's home of Flowers in room with him at 1pm on day of Funeral. May 3, 1941, I set Camera on f4 with 2 Photo Flood Lights #1 bulbs, and other regular lights in the room, also scenes at Cemetery after funeral at 4 pm. Setting telephone pole in front of office of Clark the Printer. Court House and Jail. Otha Jellison Bar Harbor in driveway. Prisoners shoveling snow. Margaret Velnia's pictures. Father, Velnia & Margaret. Percy and Children. Maryannie & Henny at Brockton Fair. Xmas at [?] '36. Scene at City Hall Feb 1937. N York at Radio ' '.
Can Descriptions
Label on can - (14) Personal Family Pictures (Silent). Local and Personal Views Taken 1933 etc. WJC Jr.
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