[Thomas P. Haviland--home movies] Reel 8
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Donor-supplied Notes
1950-1952 Cormorant on mooring Cormorant under way, Carney Island and Little Deer (2 "run-bys") Bill at the helm Sail Boats off [Buele's]? Harbor Camden Hills from head of the Ready Schooner Gulls following Cormorant Picnic on Pond Island - Grover Small, Lucy Small and Frank Evans, Gull eggs in nest, Fish hawk nest on rubble, closeup of chicks, passing sailboat On board Cormorant (Dorothy, Petlet & Theodora) Hog Island - view towards the remains of wharf, Cormornat at anchor (through tall grass), abandoned boat on beach, Cormorant at anchor w/ fiddle heads behind Elpetel (Norman Woolworth's yacht) steams up the beach (used in 'D.I. as it was') Pumpkin Island Coming into the mooring, Pam on bow Sailboat with big balloon jib Camden Hills from head of Ready Passing Fling Island Wiscasset Schooner Stonington from water Dave and Mary Paul in Cormorant Stonington from water Grover small with binoculars, Bill at the helm Through the Deer Island Thorofare - Icky Austin, Picnic on Grog Island Schooner (Alice Westworth, I'm pretty sure) Gulls flying Small sloop Another boat Home - Bill paddling rowboat, Foggy day out front, Ditto but shows fish weir at Carney Island Trip down Road Trip around North Haven
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