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16mm film; [375 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2747.0020-.0022_DVD
16mm film; Silent
3) nhf-2747_0022-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
Washington D.C. and Essex, CT, 1945-1950--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 19
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1945 – 1950
Can Descriptions
Washington D.C. and Essex, 1945-1950 1945: Ball Game (OPA families) at Washington monument Essex: St. Bernards (Jimmy), skating, bringing in Christmas tree, skiing, Doug Bennet and kids (Cyn, Sal, Sam, Ches) 1947: Miss Cutts Skiing - Cyn, Sal, Sam, Ches, Holly, B, Hammie 1948: Cyn, Sal, Sam to school Mara/south shore cliffs Block Island, Kittens Mara in river in front of house Party for teacher Gardiner's Island - Ches, Holly Sailing - Molly, Gardee, B, Hammie Party for Newspapermen 1950: Tim, Ches, Holly, Mike (dog)
Viewing Notes
Color: Baseball game on the national mall in Washington DC. The Washington Monument and the Smithsonian in the background. Families on blankets along the sideline watching. Kids playing ball in a different location. B&W: Essex, CT. Table set with food outside surrounded by kids and some St. Bernards. Winter: kids ice skating on a cleared pond. Chester, Sam, Sally, and Cynthia all hold hands and skate towards the camera, they try to turn and fall down. Dogs in the snow with kids on skis. Chet drags a tree across the yard. Kids skiing. Dogs running in the snow. Gathering evergreen boughs. Chet carries suitcases to the car, two older women come out while Chester shovels the walk. Chester walks in the snow and lights a cigarette. Two St. Bernards run at the camera in the snow, heavy snow while the dogs run around with the young man (Chester). Kids skiing. Barbara and Chester, Barbara throws snow at the camera. Barbara skis down a hill with Chester sitting on the skis. Kids holding hands skiing. More skiing. Kids walk their skis the car. Dorothy and Chet on a sled, Sam and a friend pull them. Sally, Sam, and Cynthia go off on bikes. Sailing. Kids at the helm, Chet comes out of the cabin. Chet, Cynthia, Sally, and Sam picnicking on a hill overlooking the beach and water (south shore cliffs Block Island). (Cynthia or Sally filming so the camera is shaky) Chet with binoculars, Dorothy looks in the same direction and starts waving. Boat Scenes on Mara (new boat). Color: Group of kids in the yard with a St. Bernard, a couple kids holding kittens. Playing with kittens and cats. Family on the beach (Chester Island). Playing in the water. Chester, Holly (Chester’s wife), and Chet in a small sailboat by the shore, kids in the water. Chester, Cynthia, and Holly on the small sailboat. Chet and Holly pull on a line to haul the small boat aboard the Mara. Dark footage of People gathered in the yard. Boat scenes on Mara with lots of adults and kids. B&W – a small baby walking in the yard (Chester’s son Timothy), Chet plays catch with Sam in the backyard. Chet reads the paper on the patio while the baby walks around. A boy (Sam?) gives the baby a baseball bat. [End of Reel]
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