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16mm film; [350 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) nhf-2747_0017-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
Saybrook, 1938-1939--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 14
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1938 – 1939
Can Descriptions
Mainly Seabrook, 1938-1939 Hurricane: Saybrook and Esex (Dyke's, Dauntless Shipyard, Steamboat Dock) Cynnie, Sally, B, Ches on stilts, Ches playing ball with Chet Woods at Hayden's point Cookout on beach (Essex?) - Frannie, Warren, pregnant Steb Nordlys - great gangs of kids, dog
Viewing Notes
Color: Damage from the hurricane of 1938. Chet and another man move limbs out of the yard. Children walk down the road, pan to down power line poles, uprooted trees, and broken fence. Man on the roof of a house. More downed trees and hurricane damage. A tree that fell into a house. Flooded houses. Pan across flooded landscape and wrecked boats. A man drives a woman in a boat. Flooded shipyard. Cynthia looking at books and climbing on the couch. She hugs one of the dogs and sits on them while Chet watches. Cynthia and Sally sitting on the couch with books. B&W: Dorothy walks in the snow with a dog. Chet throws snow balls for the dog, then throws one at the camera. A man comes out of the house. Cynthia on roller skates in the drive. She falls down and gets back up. Barb, Chester, and another boys watch her skate. Barb throws a ball and Cynthia chases it. Barb on stilts. Barb and other girl walking barefoot on the shore. Chet sitting by a fire. The girls roast marshmallows. Dorothy (pregnant) and others cooking on the beach. Barb wades in the water. Baby Sally in outdoor play pen. Cynthia laying in the road in front of her tricycle. Sally in the playpen. Cynthia and a small African American girl at the edge of the pen. Cynthia grabs Sally’s hand and points and the camera. Chet playing catch with Chester while kids watch. Barb leans barrier that Cynthia and a boy are sitting on. The boy points a toy gun and another boy out of frame. Barbara and Cynthia hold Sally’s hands and walk with her between them. Barb picks Sally up. Six children (3 white girls, 1 white boy, and 2 African America girls) dressed formally sit at a table (tea party?). Color: Chet on Nordlys with kids and dogs. Cynthia at the helm. Kids and adults around the boat. B&W: a boy at the helm, the ship canted to the right. Barbara pulls Cynthia (naked) and Sally in a wagon. Cynthia gets out and pushes. Barb pulls Sally around. [End of Reel]
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