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16mm film; [450 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) nhf-2747_0016-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
Saybrook family activities, 1937-1938--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 13
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1937 – 1938
Can Descriptions
1937-1938 Saybrook: B, Ches, Cynnie, Sally Cyn's 1st birthday (Frannie, Grmummy Bowles, Uncle Allen) Swim Meet Hadlyme ferry Skiing, sledding, playing football River at Saybrook, Nordlys sailing down river Launching boat
Baby Cynthia outside in a play pen. A woman comes over and resituates her. Cynthia smiling at the camera. Cynthia in playpen on porch, Chester plays with a balloon nearby. Pan across Barbara, two unidentified women, Grandma Bowles, and Frannie on the porch. Chet and the dog join the others on the porch. Cynthia crawling in the yard while a woman sits nearby. Barbara helps Cynthia walk across the yard while two spaniels play in the background. Cynthia crawling and trying to walk. Dorothy taking Cynthia into the water and rocking her through the waves. Barbara and another girl doing somersaults in the water. Swim lessons: Several kids on the pier. They line up and the edge one arms length away from each other and dive in at the same time and race. Children practice diving. Barbara lays in the grass with Cynthia while Chester rides his bike in the background. Barb plays with Cynthia and helps her walk. Cynthia walking to Chet and falling down. Barb and Chester with the dog in the road. The dog is playing with a large bug on the ground. Hadlyme Ferry, Connecticut. Barb climbs on the car while Chester and Chet stare out at the water. Shot of cars and people on the ferry. Winter: Large group of children sledding and skiing. One kid falls and one ski goes down the hill. Two dogs playing on the same hill with the kids. Two children rolling a large snowball down the hill. (film fractals) Summer: Chet throws and kicks the football with Chester and Barbara. They kick and throw the ball and the kids tackle each other. Cynthia and Chet in the yard playing with a ball surrounded by Springer spaniel puppies. The dog gets the ball and Cynthia chases her. Winter: Cynthia walks down a snowy road with a woman and the dog. She tries to walk in deeper snow and falls. Summer: Sailboat (Nordlys?) on the river. Cynthia playing with a tricycle in the yard while grown puppies play. The adult dog is outside the fence. Chet and Barbara call her and encourage her to jump. Chet opens the gate and lets her in. Cynthia, Barbara, and a friend play ring-around-the-rosie. Barbara, Cynthia, and Chester on a badminton court. Several kids and Chet around a small boat ready to launch in the water. Barbara breaks a bottle on the bow and Chet and another man push the boat in the water with two boys in it. There is another row boat in the water with boys in it. Both boats come in. LS of several kids in one of the boats motoring about the water. Kids play in the two boats. A baby (Sally) sitting in the yard on a blanket. The dog comes over and lays next to her. Sally, Barbara, a woman, and two dogs. Chet sits down next to Sally and one of the dogs. [End of Reel]
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