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16mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; b&w
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[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 034 (F4)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 34 (F4): [no can/reel notes; dc 1950] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 34. 01:06. Boys dive into lake from wharf. Swim in water. Some dive from diving board. Lake is very blue. Shoreline evergreens. 02:02. Swimmers climb onto wharf. They dive, reenter water. Boy wades in water as another dives from wharf. Boy paddles canoe. Several boys swimming. Swimmer climbs back on wharf. Boy leans against wharf post which is topped by circular object. 02:50. Boys gathered at campfire. They are crouched over, blowing on flames. Pan is held over flames. Contents of pan is touched by knife. Boy walks over to man, presents pan with cooked contents to him. 03:42. He eats contents with fingers, direct from pan. 03:48. Inverted canoe. Boys paddle individual canoes on lake. 04:11. They paddle almost side by side. Two canoes with two boys in each. They continue paddling. 04:38. Diagonally-placed ropes of boat. Boy is between the set of ropes. 04:42. Boy reads book as he lies in bunk. He turns page, smiles, laughs. Exterior of home. Woman hands glass or china object to other woman. Woman leans over. 05:03. Crew on deck of ship, primarily boys. Sail, rigging, exterior ship furnishings. Boy leans on wooden appurtenace. 05:19. Cabin exterior. Sailboats, canoe, varied watercraft on lake. Evergreen trees of shoreline. 05:35. Lone sailboat. Other sailboat join this one. Two sailboats on lake. Building on shoreline. Evergreen trees of shoreline. Sailboat skims along. Water surface. 06:10. Group gathered outside. Young man carries suitcase. Man and boys walk about. 06:34. Truck in motion with inverted canoes loaded in bed. Boys in two canoes on lake surface. One boy has long pole with circular object on end, similar to a large powder puff. He pokes this at boy in other canoe. Boy in opposite canoe touches object with like device. As canoes drift toward one another, boys touch their objects together. Boy touches interior bottom of opposite canoe with object. They continue this jousting while boy in third canoe watches. 07:09. As canoe drifts by the other boy touches opposite one with object. One boy falls down in canoe. Jousting continues. Ends when one of the young men goes for a swim. 07:33. Boys on wharf. One does free hand exercise. 07:40. Group of boys row canoe. Several ply oars. Left-tracking pan. of water surface extending back to land. Rope extended from wharf. Group of boys in canoe. 08:05. Group rows canoe forward. The group now swims. One thrusts oar forward. Others retain oars as they swim. Boys sit adjacent to cabins. Man hands boy a trophy cup. They are on wharf. 08:40. Three young men talking. One has hands on hips. 08:48. Truck motors forward, the bed loaded with standing young men. They dismount. Young man straightens his jacket. Carrying their luggage, other young men dismount from truck. 09:09. Young men talking, moving about in front of cabin. Young man with suitcase. Buddy behind carries long pole. 09:32. Shadowy shot. Difficult to discern. Either people or undulating water surface. Young man now swims forward.(Photography has now returned to normal.) 10:01. Young men in two canoes, one behind the other. Long ropes extended on each canoe, probably secured on wharf. Water surface in motion. Ropes drag canoes along. 10:16. Young man plies long stick as group of others watch. Young man peels potato with knife, his hands and potato in CU 10:45. Right-tracking pan. of tents elevated on wooden platforms. Young man in pajamas runs in area. Young man with towel over shoulder. Young man gestures. 11:03. Young men plod along in pajamas. Others behind dressed. Various states of dress and undress. They continue walking, running forward. 11:39. Young man stands before group. Leads them in aerobic exercises. Leader, group leap up and down, wave arms as they exercise. 11:59. CU smiling young man. 12:03. Roadside sign pointing to Ellsworth and Blue Hill. Numbered boards underneath. Exterior of dwelling. Sign is over door exterior. It is the 'East Orland Post Office'. 12:19. Sailboat, canoe on lake surface. Second sailboat. All manned by young men. Young man holds oar aloft above his head. Two young men wave from sailboat. 12:52. Man turns ship's steering wheel. Young men on deck accompany him. Young man peers into interior of typewriter. 13:04. Crew of young men assembled on ship's deck. Young men lean on side of ship. Others walk about in area. They move about and peer over the ship's side. Object in water. 13:29. Ship with bare masts. Clouds along horizon. Bare-chested man walks on deck. Grasps ropes on deck. Others of crew move about on deck. Closer view of deck, rigging, crew. 14:03. Extended crew is now on deck. They pull on rope. American flag flies from top of unfurled sail. Man pushes on rigging appurtenace. Other crew members raise or heist sail. African-American man passes beneath wooden sail-beam. 15:02. Various crew members perform deck tasks. Ropes of ship. Group in bow. The ship undulates as it voyages. Man at steering wheel peers upward. Crew members standing at side of ship.Water surface in motion. Wheel is manned by man wearing glasses. 15:47. Sail is lowered. 16:09. Young man at side pulls on rope. Man carefully grasps sail as it is lowered. Young men attending at ropes. Beam to which sail is attached is lowered. 17:05. Four-masted sailboat with slim, narrow sails unfurled. Clouds on horizon. (End of Reel 34.)
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