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1) 1108.0072_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1108.0072_VHS
3) 1108.0072_SVHS
4) 1108.0072_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1108_0072a 18fps HD Reel 72 PARTIAL-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 072
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Viewing Notes
Reel 72: [Archie Stewart can notes: 'My big moving scrapbook.'] Screening notes: Title: 'Member of Amateur Cinema League, Inc' over clouds. 'The worldwide organization of amateur movie makers.' Logo ACL. Montage of short shots of various subjects. Likely is reel compiled of outtakes. VS of damage after automobile accident, shattered wind screen; crumpled fenders, etc. Huge gang of kids posed in front of tent. Parade on football field of West Point cadets. VS of crowds of people watching in grandstands. Double exposure: little girl eating beside two birds. Supered image of girl, unable to distinguish activity. Third image supered of sister with bird. Blimp flying overhead, over commercial shops of small town. Bi-plane landing at small airfield. Planes taxiing at Poughkeepsie, NY airport. VS of planes flying, landing. Bathing baby (very grainy). VS women and child (very poor, bad exposure?) Construction scenes (dark). Child with building blocks. Woman reading to girl beside Christmas tree. Child cuddling toy, unwrapping gifts. Man taking movie with box camera (very young Archie Stewart?) Man poses with Springer Spaniel dog. Young child watching horse hitched to cart. Nice shot of horse drawn cart driving down lane through dappled light, lake and trees in BG. Hunters with rifles stalking through woods. Woodsmen hand sawing logs in woods. Pan of lake. Long sequence of men pulling double saw, lumbering, trimming logs, tents and campsite, hand planing boards, building log cabin. Woman applying lipstick, using compact. Swimming, campfire, blowing bubbles on a porch. Three women posed by stone wall, talking, smoking. TS rural neighborhood, dirt roads, houses up hill. Woman and daughter looking at booklet on street, stone wall BG. Two girls eating bananas, petting dog that wants their food. Man on misty shore of lake. Hunters in snowy field. Drying clothes over campfire. VS of broken ice. Hunters walking across snow field / lake. TS (Flower arrangement? terrarium? miniature garden?). Pan group of men in living room listening to story. Young girl in costume. Very elaborate child's play with exotic costumes lots of action: dancing fairies, executioner, dead damsel, young boy slays dragon with sword, (Norse god) revives damsel. VS of picnic in mountain setting. Cute shots of kids eating, playing with tire. Tennis match: WS of doubles game. Young girl eating candy cane. Little girl whacking ornaments on Christmas tree. Chopping fire wood, in snow, beside cabin. Digging hole. Moving shot POV inside train passing houses and trees. Two women wearing fur coats. Pan down Christmas tree. Man in military uniform seated in arm chair. Young girl holding jigsaw puzzle. WS of polo game. VS of hunters. Color: young girl clambers down garden path. Joins family in garden. Young girl has sparrow perched on finger, places bird on little sister's head; tumbling in grass. VS flowers, people; girls romping and wrestling with dog; sniffing buds. Ships in harbor: sailboat, yacht, dragger. Sailing regatta or race? Spectators watching, sea gulls flocking. Women and two girls in stern of boat. VS of city street, cars parked at angle. WS of village and mountain. Two men on hillside overlooking (river?), (mill? factory?) with tall smokestacks in BG. WS of large house, MS name 'The White House' (not). People getting out of cars. Two girls building a snowman. Hunter letting dog smell dead fox, hangs up carcass. VS of loading boat; canoe on water loaded with dead deer; cutting fire wood; towing boat. Residential street, sidewalk and row of houses. Line of children riding bicycles. Children's party: VS of young girls eating.
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