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35mm film; [500 ft.]; Unknown; b&w and color
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DVD; Silent
3) 1577.0001_VHS
VHS; Silent
4) [1577.0001_BSP]
BetaCamSP; Silent
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6) nhf-1577_0001.mov
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8) nhf-1577_0001-H264 tech - watermark.mov
Oregon Historical Society/Gene Stoeller Collection
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Some vertical scratches throughout. Intertitle: "On the tip of Cape Cod lies historic Provincetown. A landing place of our pilgrim fore-fathers." Aerial shot looking down on a church, houses, and Provincetown harbor with schooners anchored in background. Intertitle: "Narrow & crowded streets line with cottages, make this the quaintest & most un-American town in our country." View of tree-lined residential street with man, then nanny with children and doll and baby carriages walking toward camera. a horse-drawn carriage makes it way down street, where pedestrians walk on sidewalks. Intertitle: "Typical Provincetown characters." An older couple outside their shingled cape-style house. He is wearing a captain's uniform. Intertitle: " For two hundred years the town crier has passed through the streets of this village, ringing a bell announcing all important local events." On a narrow street lined with houses, a man walks, ringing a bell and reading from a paper. Intertitle: "The last of the criers." Portrait of an old gentleman wearing a hat, smoking a pipe. Intertitle: "A short motor trip over an excellent highway, brings us to Highland Bluffs." View of a country road, a cape house, and man herding cattle down the dirt road toward the camera. Intertitle: "The famous mariners beacon, Highland Light." View of lighthouse, keepers house, and pan to ocean. Intertitle: " A summer home made from the deck houses of a wrecked schooner." View of a two-story house with deck around second floor, a man twirling the "wheel of a ship". A sign bears a ships name "Maine". Intertitle: " In this spot many persons have dug for the buried treasure of pirate kings." Two men walk on a sandy beach toward camera as waves break at their feet. Intertitle: "A type of Portuguese fisherman that is fast passing." An old man faces the camera. Intertitle: "Overhauling the nets." Three men pull on and work with nets in a small alleyway between buildings. Intertitle: "The quaint scenes of Provincetown make it an ideal spot for an artist summer colony." View of woman, back to camera, in artist's smock, painting canvas as she looks down small cobbled street. Intertitle: "The famous Hawthorn [sic] at work before his class." LS pan of class seated in grass or standing nearby as they watch the artist Charles Webster Hawthorne (1872-1930) with model standing by him. Intertitle: "Making famous bayberry candles so popular at yule-tide festivities." Intertitle: "The Bay or Candle-berry bush." view of a branch of Bayberry with woman standing behind. Intertitle: "A hopper of berries." Woman stand with ocean in background, sifting through berries in a wood hopper. Intertitle: " A cake of wax secured by heating the berries." The woman handles a large round cake of wax. Intertitle: " Fibers of cotton wick are dipped into melted wax to form the candles." Woman pouring hot wax into a container. a small rail between her and camera with hanging candles prevents a good view. Shots of her dipping wicks into the wax and hanging them on rail. Intertitle: "Candles of all sizes from birthday cake to Religious ceremonies." Brief shot of a hand showing various candle sizes.
Arts, Cities and towns
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