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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 128
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Can Descriptions
Reel 128: Donor's can notes: 'Last of Hafers in Camp (should be on end of 127 but no room.) Selfs. Sept in camp. Build seawall, Sept 1957. Mother Proper wedding. Morning glories. Mt. Washington (1 short scene). Fall hunt. Col G's 83rd [birthday]. To Ann's. Christmas 1957.' NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 128: B&W Compilation of short shots. John and Tom Hafer and three men setting up lunch on deck of small lobster boat. Eating. Boat moving across lake. Three adults (dark). [Josh and Eleanor Self, Eleanor friend of Mother from Wellesley--Mary Stewart Hafer] Mrs. Mary Stewart. Two men in front of roaring fire in stone fireplace. CU hands pointing to calendar, September 26, 1957. WS person bailing out barge beside small lake dock. Jeep in forest clearing. Man loading rocks from boat into back of Jeep. Rob Golding and Early Bonness use rocks to build stone retaining wall. Tending garden, picking tomatoes. Two men in barge pole to rocky shore, load rocks. More shots of hauling, building wall. Older women seated in armchair. CUs morning glories. WS car driving down road, misty mountains in BG, Mt Washington. MS and CU wall calendar: October 26, 1957, November 3, 1957. Men eating dinner around cabin kitchen table. Tommy Lockhead, Rob Golding, Earl Bonness, Archie. Cooking dinner on shore of lake, over campfire. Color. Man cutting lumber with chainsaw. Pontoon airplane taxiing and taking off from lake, mother leaving camp. Two men hold dead raccoons. Archie Stewart removing laundry from outside line. Rob Golding collecting driftwood. Family eating cake and ice cream, Rob, GG, Archie and Mother at 388 Grand Street, Newburgh. Rob Golding blows out candles. CU NY State license plate, 1957, 7D350. WS car driving down road. Rocky hills. Bus and cars passing on highway en route to California. Christmas tree, young boy wading climbs on bike, piles of presents. Woman feeding baby. Stewart family opening presents. Family eating dinner. Archie and Mary Stewart visit grandchildren: Mary Lou and Rex, Sauls family in California. Subdivision with mountains in BG, Marine Base housing. WS ocean with trees in FG. Beach. Small town street with shops, mountain behind. Percy Hart and Archie seated outside, looking at calendar, date cannot be seen. Ann and Mary Lou kneel beside house, picking strawberries.

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