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VHS; 20 min.; Silent; b&w and color
Colby Woodsmen 1977
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Can Descriptions
'Colby Woodsmen 1977' (20 min.). Original footage is 800 ft. of 16 mm. film. Shows men and women on the Colby woodsmen team competing in various events. NHF cataloguer's notes: Still photo shots. Farnsworth and Smith Ltd. Very dark scenes of woods and man walking with ax on shoulder. Initial scenes are practicing for the competition. More scenes of trees, men chopping tree, CUs of ax hitting tree trunk, man chopping down tree, people sawing firewood with handsaws. Shots of campus in winter. Scenes of competition. Woman pitching four foot logs. Man throwing ax. Male and female students chopping, sawing, etc., with wood, using hand tools. Woman splitting wood. Wood chopping contest, male and female contestants. Also hauling, sawing, ax throwing, pitching wood. Some shots of sawing in slow motion. Wood logs being put on truck with crane.
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