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8 mm film; [75 ft.]; Silent; b&w
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[David L. Knowlton--home movies] Reel 7
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1944 – 1948
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes, 8/97 (notes are divided into 9 parts due to length, donor's notes inserted in brackets): [Location possibly Greenville, Maine or Knowlton, Quebec, Canada] Series of color CU of children's faces. CU of lady's face. She is wearing a hat. MS of older man, father with his two children standing directly in front of him, a boy and a girl. CU of man's face with emphasis on his brow. CU of mother with her infant in her arms. She wears hat. CU of mother's face then a CU of the infant she is holding. CU holds as infant smiles. MS of family. Young girl at extreme left, mother and infant next, older woman, father at right. MS of part of this group, four family members. Quick CU of man. Another quick CU of the same man with poor film frames between. Good vivid CU of this man. Quick shot of dog. MS of lady. Her coat is open and she closes it about her. CU of another lady, brunette, wears blue sweater. She moves to the left. CU of just her face. MS of four ladies with young girl at far right. Shot holds. The ladies smile. CU of another lady, brunette. Snow is on the ground. CU of young girl wearing glasses. She's eleven or twelve. CU of pleasant middle-aged lady. She wears glasses. CU of another lady, early twenties. Rear shot of three ladies. Two wear white hats. Two men enter the shot wave at camera. MS of this same group standing near car. Shot moves between car and family members standing near it. Family walks forward. MS of family. MS of two men. They are standing outside of home. Woman is nearby with infant in her arms. Shot tracks to right to lady in her thirties. She rubs her hands together. CU of infant's face. Infant smiles. Shot tracks down to slightly older girl standing beside her mother. MS of the three. Little girl waves at camera. Younger sister nestles against her. MS of lady leaning over baby carriage. MS of two men. One lifts up little girl. Man touches his buddy on the arm. MS of boy and girl in motor boat which is in motion. Dad is with them in the boat. MS of the little girl who now sits in stern of boat. MS of two girls standing on rocky shore of lake. One wears a lifejacket. The girls wade into the water. Shot of man chopping wood and the area he is working in. MS of man who is trying to drive wedge into ground. Shot moves to slightly plump young boy. The family is assembled outside. MS of very young child, just a toddler. Shot moves up to Dad who has an infant in his arms. He holds his infant son up for his own CU. MS of these two and lady just outside of Knowlton bakery. MS of young girl holding infant. MS of mother holding infant. MS of young adult lady emerging from doorway. Two other ladies about her age join her. They hold hands for a MS. The ladies are just outside restaurant affiliated with the bakery [Family-owned Knowlton Bakery, Greenville, Maine]. They pause by window. They pose and act out a bit for the camera. MS of two ladies dancing outside. The shot is poor, overexposed. Quick rear shot of lady about to or pretend to ascend wooden ladder attached to home. Ladder is like a trellis ladder. Lady walks over to lady on ladder. Photography is still overexposed, poor. Woman waves while standing on ladder. MS of well-dressed man. He smiles, combs hair with hand. He's smoking a pipe. MS of three people standing outside of car. They are a man and two ladies. The ladies chat a bit. One of them rubs her hands together. Rear shot of man and lady standing near car. MS of young boy and lady. Lady is just behind him. She twirls around swinging her purse while so doing. MS of three children on sidewalk. One child pedals tricycle. LS of man standing on sled as it skims along on the snow. Sled is drawn by dogs. LS of man walking dog in snow. Shot tracks to man who has his hands in stirrup-like device. Stirrups hang from above. MS of man walking forward. Rear MS of man standing on dogsled. The dogs now draw the sled forward. Man with lone dog on leash now runs after dogsled. MS of lady walking down street. Shot of little boy in infant's small sled. Two children stand at man's right. MS of child sitting on sled. MS of man sitting on windowsill. MS of man with his briefcase. He has just emerged from car. Quick shot of boy on sled drawn by white dog, probably a Samoyed. MS of woman standing by car. Shot of woman moves down to little boy who touches the top of his head. MS of boy jumping from edge of roof of playhouse which is not very high. Little girl does the same. Two other children sit on roof. The other children do the same. MS of all four sitting on roof of playhouse. They wave for the camera. Wild arm motions continue. CU of little boy sitting on roof. His arms are folded. Shot moves to another little boy. He makes fluttery motions with his hands. Little girl beside him does likewise. Girl on end covers her eyes. CU of little boy's face. Shot moves to boy who repeats fluttery hand motions. Rear shot of man walking down street. He is carrying a box which looks as if its for mail or papers of some kind. He places box on ground. Another man walks up and this man touches him on the shoulder. The men wave at the camera. LS of group of people walking through the snow. Shot is just a bit overexposed. CU of one of the party who waves at the camera. MS of two men who pick up a bottle and balance it in the center of a lone snowshoe. They walk forward with bottle on snowshoe. CU of label. CU of man's face. He's wearing dark glasses. Profile shot of man drinking vigorously from liquor bottle. MS of car going through snow. The car is heavy with cargo, consisting of assorted items. Items are attached to roof, hood of car. Shot of lower front of car, headlights. Snow begins to fall. MS of two men near car. Car is elevated off of ground by means of chains. Shot moves to the two men. C.U. of tire. Shot moves to portion of car where rear wheels are elevated off of ground. Quick shot of man in area. He has shovel. Shaky shot of elevated car. Shot of immediate area. CU of front of car with white letters: 'LU LU'. [Location: Greenville High School?] LS of football field. Crowd is assembled on field as are some players. MS of coach at side of crowd. He hefts football gently in his hands. MS of group of men, connected with the game, marching forward. Each one has a white strap from shoulder to waist, similar to those which cadets wear when in formation. MS of school band marching forward as they play their instruments. Pan of this group as they march forward. MS of float in parade. Float is drawn by festooned car. Another festooned car is visible. Float with sign proclaiming the year 1941. Floats follow which have 1942, 1943 on them. LS of this general area with buildings and cars.
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