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1) 1521.0043_VHS
2) 1521.0043_IN3/4
3) 1521.0043_F16
16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; Color
4) 1521.0039-.0043_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0043-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 43
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description Can N40; can numbers are donor assigned. No notes on can or reel. (UNEDITED) NHF catalogers notes for Reel 43: 01:00. CU infant wearing snowsuit. He has plush teddybear. He covers face with bear. (This reel is tinted lavendar or light grape.) Boy astride a horse. Ground is covered with snow. Man stands near boy and horse. Horse walks forward. 02:00. Man walks in front of the boy and horse. Man grasps horse by reins. Man stands outside of filling station or garage. Gas pump visible in shot. Flock of sheep. Boy. The flock runs around. Another boy is present. They are attempting to herd the flock. Lady claps hand as flock passes in front of her. Boy and girl emerge from barn. Small cabin. Stairway at left. Fenced in area. Houses, mountain side in background. Trees. 03:01. Wide-angle shot of the area. Flock of sheep. Lady draws boy on board forward. Children on ice use boards for sleds. Dog present. Lady watches from side. Lady pats dog. Child skids along ice on board-sled. Dog watches as lady does same. Boy slides on stomach while on board. Boy slides down ice while standing up. 04:00. Board sliding continues. Man lies on back and descends on board. Dog approaches man. Using small box, boy descends. Lady, two children descend on one board. Man descends on back astride board. CU smiling lady. Boy gives man a push on descending board. Boy descends on hands and knees. Lady descends while standing. Man grasps boy's shoulders as he and another boy descend. Man falls down. CU lady. 05:00. She talks. Man has papers in hand. Scenery of area. Mountain side. trees. Shot tracks to the right. Lady and man. Grove of birch trees. Group of people in horse-drawn wagon. Man leads horse by rein. Wagon passengers. Boy waves. Lady skis down hill. She has ski poles. On repeating action, she falls. 06:066. Young man on skis. He walks along using poles. Man inches his way up hill on skis. He uses poles. Boy tries to descend on skis, but falls down. Lady descends on skis. Man descends on skis. Boy does same. 07:05. Lady follows. Man walks back up hill. He descends. To skiers descend simultaneously. Skier falls down at end of run. Man descends. Skiis wide apart lady completes run. Slides down upon completing descent. Man descends, legs wide apart at end of run. Skiers walk up slope. 08:02. Use poles for support. Mountain peak. Skier walks upward. Man descends. Stumbles a bit upon completing run. Lady falls upon end of run. Lady steadies self with poles upon completing run. Legs wide apart, she successfully completes another descent. 09:01. Man completes run. Ascends slope for another run. Lady makes run. Man descends. Lady is back at top of slope. She and man descend behind one another. Skiers at bottom of slope. 10:01. Lady, man ski down simultaneously. Family group having a meal. Little girl. Infant. Boy. He eats bread. Another little boy. Scratches head. 11:01. Infant. Toddler grasps bars of playpen. He smiles, looks upward. C.U. infant. He continues to grasp bars. Toddler hitches self along on stomach. 12:04. Has small item in hand. Goes forward by moving legs and arms. (Shot a little blurry.) Hitches self along on arms and legs. Rocks back and forth on arms. Side view of toddler. 13:01. Toddler hitches self along on stomach. Lady has cloth toy kiss toddler. Pushes it against his face. Repeats the action. Toddler caresses toy. Pushes toy to the floor. Roof of home. Fantail pigeon is on the roof. Toddler in bathtub. 14:00. Lady hands him a toy. He moves his legs back and forth. He waves toy back and forth, enjoying his bath. He kicks once more. Winter scene. Family. Dog. All have ski poles. Some of people's clothes are rose-tinted. They are walking up hill. Low-lying foliage at side of road. Trees. Boulders. They walks past trees at side of road. 15:01. Toddler standing in playpen which is outside. Older children playing just outside of playpen. Tent is nearby. Boy hits ground with stick. Blurry shot. Family gathered for cookout, barbecue. Fire is lit. Boy holds hat aloft. Dog tries to secure it. Man fools with dog. Boy has backpack on. 16:00. Girl is eating snack. Lady has rake. She smiles. She walks around in area where fire is burning. Lady has infant strapped to her back. Infant smiles. Lady talks to him. He grasps her by back of sweater. (Cataloguer's correction: Toddler has been standing by lady. He is not strapped to her back.) Two dogs arrive. Both try to kiss lady. Lady pats dog. Girl tries to grasp dog by back. 17:01. Little girl fools with small dog. Boy has baseball bat. Ground is covered with pale foliage. Boy swings bat. Toddler grasps rock. Dog approaches. He wags his tail. Infant lies against pillow in carriage. Infant smiles, opens mouth wide. Infant places toy in mouth. 18:04. Smiles. C.U. infant. Infant's hands are secured by strings on each side of the carriage. Infant smiles. Raises leg. 19:01. (End of Reel 43.)
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