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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
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DVD; Unknown
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[Price--home movies] Reel 009
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities and events. Can notes as follows; reel numbers assigned by donor. Reel 9: Old Ford show. [Chris and Harrie] painting garage. [?] chain saw. Sail fish. [Craigmere] in winter. Eric Miller swimming. X [raccoon?] Harrie to college. Friez and X. FML in snow by Harrie and Chris. Friez. Polly and Penny off to Europe. Model T. Yard. Chris and Eric Miller. Trial shots for CUP film of MES. Model T. CUP beard. Harrie and Chris beards. note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 9: 35:52. Woman walks in area where there are parked cars. Shot is shadowy. Sky. Small building. 36:02. Parked cars. Men. Woman. (Shadowy photography makes action difficult to discern.) Front of car. Camera moves to left. 37:05. Front of car. May be area for car repair or abandonment. (Photography now clears.) Car is vintage car, 1920's or '30's. Man driving open car, no exterior protection. Man walking at side. 'Ford' sign over building. Two men. One is pouring oil or gasoline into a can. He looks up, makes a face. 38:00. Man pumps handle up and down. Both men wear helmets. Man has can on strap slung across his shoulder. Both men walk along. Boy on bicycle with cart attached crosses small stream. Child pushes on back of cart. Man on ladder. He wears helmet. He has attachment across shoulder. He uses extension to spray foliage or item. He is at side pinnacle of roof. Another man ascends ladder with tank across his shoulder. (Cataloguer speculates that these men are exterminating insects.)Two men talk at foot of ladder. One ascends again with tank. Man sawing tree trunk. He has automatic saw. 39:03. Upward vertical shot of tree. Man continues to saw at base of trunk. Tree is felled. Young man continues to saw tree trunk. Man tries to loosen tree base from trunk, prodding with his hands. Young man assists him. Older man sets saw on ground. 40:01. Older man saws slender limb from felled tree which hangs over water. Young man now saws trunk of thicker tree. Man looks on as younger buddy saws. Girl watches as man applies axe to tree trunk. Sailboat skims over water surface. Girl, young man passengers. Road expanse in left-tracking pan. 41:02. Three young man sit on small bridge or wall. Continuation of pan. of area. Trees, birches at side of road. Water surface. Evergreen trees. Stream flowing over rocks. Young man carries two pails. Dips them in water. He stands on rock jutting out into water. This man sitting in stern of canoe. 42:00. Canoe skims on water surface. Man paddles. He dips what appears to be pane of glass, transparent object in water. Buddy wades from shore into water. He spreads arms, dives under water. He wades back to shore. Woman hands him a towel. Two young men and girl enter vehicle. Driver backs up. Exhaust exudes from back. 43:00. Racoon on ground. Woman picks him up. He approaches small picnic basket. As she sits on bench, woman holds him on her lap. Racoon on ground. He is chewing. Young girl has racoon on her lap. She feeds him milk from soda bottle with a nipple on it. CU racoon sucking on bottle. 44:02. Racoon in midst of straw. He runs forward. He moves around in area. Now he digs in ground. He turns somersaults. Runs in area where canoe is inverted. 45:00. Dashes, twists in grass. Racoon bathes self in small tub. Drinks. Frolics in grass. Woman approaches racoon. He turns somersault. Woman pokes him, sports with him. She picks him up, sits him down. Man carries racoon in arms. Man places suitcase in tailgate of car. He cranks up window. Woman shakes hands with man. Puppy frolics with racoon. 46:00. Puppy runs about as racoon watches him. Racoon feeds from palm of girl's hand. Man walks by at right. Racoon sits on haunches as he feeds from girl's hand. Racoon chews vigorously as girl still crouches. Racoon takes treat from girl's hand as he stands on hind legs. Restrained by woman, puppy watches from side. Man picks racoon up by tail. Trees. Snow-covered ground. 47:00. Exterior of home. Left-tracking pan. of snowy ground. Other homes in area. Continuation of the same. Bridge. Platform. Pan. tracks to the right. Boy and girl. Quick shots. Small covered bridge. 48:04. Buildings. Trees. Left-tracking pan. of area. Right-tracking pan. of evergreen trees. Snowy ground. No longer winter, dog sniffs ground. He crouches on ground. He stands. Looks around. Small step ladder propped against building. Sniffs walkway. Woman watches as dog runs across lawn. She smiles. Young man wearing glasses. 49:01. He has dog in his arms. He lets dog go. He laughs, points outward. Covers his face with hands. Dog wags tail. Runs around. Man throws ball. Dog runs through open door of home. Two women emerge from home. They have purses slung across shoulders. Woman in back waves. They approach car. Woman waves once more. One at left does so. Woman at right 'blows' kiss. Two women ensconce themselves in back seat of car. 50:05. Young man cranks engine of vintage car. He backs vehicle up. Now he motors forward. Trees, foliage in area. Black dog runs frenetically about on walkway. Flowering trees, foliage. CU woman wearing sunglasses. Dog runs in yard. 'Volkswagen' van parked in area. Exterior of home. Shrubbery. 51:03. White-blossomed flowering trees. May be cherry blossoms. Woman grasps one of flowered branches. Right-tracking pan. of delicately-leafed trees, other foliage. Home exterior. Dome, cupola atop home. Woman wearing dark glasses. Man emerges from home. He carries small step-ladder. He climbs across fence. Young man eats clownishly. He wipes his mouth. He has Lincolnesque beard. He licks spoon in comic fashion. He laughs his mouth covered with what he is eating. He wipes his mouth. 52:02. This man walks in yard. Hippy-fashion, he plucks tulip and inserts it in his mouth. He grabs garbage pail and darts around with it in hand. Woman holding a large paper in front of her. She walks in yard. Brick, academic-appearing building in background. Woman walks up steps of building. Cars motor down road nearby. Woman walks along porch of building. Woman sits cross-legged on walkway. Trees. Buildings. Exterior of different building. Roofed doorway. Roofed columns of porch. 53:03. Extended lawn, trees. Buildings. Right-tracking pan. of area. Lawn. Buildings. Parked car. Sign: '10 MPH. School zone.' Woman sits cross-legged on walkway. She has artist's pad or manuscript in hand. She sticks her tongue out. She sketches on pad. Photo of sketch. She continues to draw. Man crouches down beside her. He wears dark glasses and appears to be also sketching. Vintage car motors down immediate road. 54:00. Car is driven by Lincolnesque young man. Young woman is his front-seat passenger. He waves. CU of this young man . He has emerged from car. He traces side of beard with finger. He nods his head from side to side. Presses lips together in comic pose. Girl emerges from car. Buddy whose beard makes him resemble Lincolnesque young man joins 'Mr. Lincoln.' Buddy feels front of his beard. 'Mr. Lincoln' proudly fluffs his hirsute growth. The two friends point at each other. Bearded buddy descends walkway aboard skateboard. Spreads his arms, balances himself. 55:00. He veers himself expertly forward. Black and white dog by tree barks. Standing on his hind legs, dog balances himself against tree. Wagging tail, he lies down on ground. Woman, man approach car. Woman enters car. Man raises manuscript aloft. Young man enters driver's seat.(End of Reel 9.)
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