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BetaCamSP; Silent
[Alan Bemis—home movies] Reel 35
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1932 – 1933
Ann+Margot/Hunting 1932-1933 Donor notes: "Margot (in Trumbull's hse [sic] upstairs Dec. 1931 Ann+Margot - Tumbull's April 1932 Start of Oct. 12th Riding Club Hunt near Concord Rd, Wayland 1932 Ann + Margot doing the chores Wayland Oct 15 1932 Millwood Hunt - Dec 1, 1932 Ann, Margot + Monty Feb. 4, 1933 Ann + Margot in Wayland July + Sept 1933 (telephoto part)" Margot Bemis, daughter of Alan and Chapie Bemis (born October 8, 1930), playing quietly indoors. Alternately Chapie, then Alan offer her toys. Shot December, 1931. Outdoors, April, 1932, Ann and Margot Bemis play; Ann (born July 1, 1929) on her tricycle and Margot walking around, playing with a ball. The terrier dog is nearby. Start of the Oct. 12, 1932 Riding Club Hunt near Concord Rd., Wayland, MA. Spectators stand around amid parked cars, as hunters ride on horses, with a pack of hounds among them. Views of men and women on horseback following the hound master and pack of hounds down a dirt country lane in the fall. Ann and Margot Bemis at their Wayland house in October, 1932. They are running on the grass. Ann carries a small leaf rake, and Margot rides a stick with a horse head on it. In another scene, Ann uses a small shovel to dig in a pile of dirt. Margot tries to maneuver an adult-sized shovel. The house, to which the family moved in 1932 from Weston, is seen in the background. Both girls carry large rakes toward the camera, and start using them near the front of the house. They are joined by two dogs. Chapie joins them, as three dogs play on the lawn. Pan across a New England stone wall in the country to a field where hounds run and hunters on horseback ride among the trees in the background. Dogs backtrack, run over the wall and back down the road in front of the wall. Horsemen follow with their horses jumping the stone wall one by one. The dogs run out of the woods into an open field, followed by the hunters. Views of dismounted hunters in field, with pack of dogs around them. Ann and Margot play on a swing outdoors, February 4, 1933. Ann pushes Margot. The two walk over to a horse barn where a horse, Monty, sticks his head out of a window, but retreats when they get close. Side view of Chapie approaching Monty with a handful of feed, then leading Monty, who wears a cover to ward off cold. View of Alan driving an open car toward camera with two dogs. Ann and Margot play in Wayland, July and September, 1933. They are both in sun suits, running on lawn, with dogs around. Ann and Margot climb ladder leaning on a tree, and run across the expansive lawn toward the camera. They sit on the grass with their nanny as she reads them a story. Chapie rides her horse down the driveway. Telephoto views of Ann and Margot on a roof of a small building. Pans of the Wayland house and property.
Families, Children
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