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3/4inch-video; 12 min.; Sound; b&w
Universal Newspaper Newsreel, Issue l 00 Vol. 5 #196
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Can Descriptions
Videotape copy of Universal Newsreel Vol.5 #196. Original footage is 250 ft. of 35 mm. For preservation reasons, the segment was sent to the National Archives (U.S.) in early 1990s. NHF retains 3/4 in. xfer as its archival original. Contents as follows. 1. Iowa: farmers break picket lines to transport crops. Scene of train, picketers. 2. Mexico: concerns 'ancient Indian tribes.' 3. Washington: small gasoline-powered vehicle built by man to deliver newspapers. 4. [United States city]: sporting goods merchant gives away clothing. Crowds of men line up at store. 5. France: Paris lingerie fashion show features transparent gowns. 6. California: San Jose prison stormed, two kidnappers lynched by mob. 7. Missouri: mob lynches black prisoner. 8. Czechoslovakia: Prague celebration to commemorate 15th anniversary of founding of Czech Republic. 9. California: Tule Lake, migrating geese 'blacken sky,' hunters wait for them and shoot them down. 10. Ohio: gold discovered, 'gold rush' starts near Cincinnati. 11. New York City: Soviet envoy arrives. 12. China: ancient sport games are revived. 13. USA: repeal of Prohibition law on 5 December results in industry boom, many new jobs. Scenes of celebrations, night clubs, trucks delivering kegs.
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