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1) 1428.0008_F16
16mm film; [100 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1428.0001-.0014_DVD
DVD; 60 min; Unknown
3) 1428.0001-.0014_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; 60 min; Unknown
4) 1428.0001-.0014_VHS
VHS; Unknown
[Birch Rock Camp footage] Reel 8
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Viewing Notes
Amateur footage primarily of camp activities at Birch Rock Camp, Waterford, Me. (and possibly at Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, N.H. where William Brewster, founder of Birch Rock Camp, was headmaster for many years). // NHF Cataloguer's Notes: MS boys swimming in lake. (34:00) Boy sitting in stern of wooden boat. His feet dangle in lake water. More swimming. MS boy somersaulting into water. One boy after another dives from board into water. MS boy rowing wooden boat as more boys dive. LS boys swimming. People on shore watching. Young man casting his fishing line. MS group of boys in the woods. CU boy smiling, light green leafy trees in background. Dog near boy. MS young man puffing up his chest as a pose. MS young man removes belt from trunks. Belt had had cup looped to it. He smiles at camera. Young men gathered in woods. (36:01) Boy on wooden swing swings back and forth. Boy with cup looped on belt gives camera a smile. Takes his hat on and off. MS small dog, puppy. Boys in woods near building. Man in white uniform and hat. Meal time. All boys have drinking cups. Women sit in yard drinking. MS three boys eating something from cardboard box. Boy chewing food or gum. Boy carries load of wood.
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