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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 1375.0082-.0084_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
3) 1375.0082-.0084_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
4) nhf-1375_0082-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
March 3 2019 at 19:15:14
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 82
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Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 82: 00:01. Man digging in yard near trellis. Men in street. They wear hard hats. Long object, pipe being removed public service truck. Men drag pipe up driveway. Pipe mounted on wheels. Bare trees. Pipe is being raised aloft. 01:03. Men working. Man removes infant from car. Raises infant aloft in arms. Other man opens car trunk. Man totes luggage. Woman, man, toddler by car. Another woman joins the three. Toddler waves. 02:01. Man removes hat, caresses bald head. Little boy removes his hat. Two men side by side by garage door. Both remove their hats, showing their baldness. Woman emerges from home. Nicely dressed, she wears lily corsage on her short fur coat. Man stands by door of home. He places his hand in suit pocket, removes his hat. Patch of daffodils in bloom. 03:00. Easter lily also in patch. Woman stands by Easter lily. She has small white package in hand. Couple holding hands by foliage. Woman coughs, covers mouth. Man waves. Couple talk, smile. They walk arm-in-arm. Bare tree limbs. Lake surface. Buildings on opposite shore. White building. Pan. of area. Man emerges from car. He removes sport coat. Woman removes her suit coat. Woman places coat in car. 04:05. Exterior of home. Exterior of church with its oriel entrance window, attendance, announcement bulletin board. Side exterior of church. Trees. Two women on lawn. Toddler enters through side foliage. Toddler, two women walk forward. Toddler crouches down by cat's dish. Cat at right. Two vases of flowers, gladioli. 05:10. Flowers in one square vase. Woman looks upward by tree in yard. Vertical track of tree which is in flower. Shot tracks downward. Pov. car ride down highway. We view trees, grass, directional signs. We see soldiers on bridge through windshield. 06:00. Sign reading in part.......'Snakepit, Virginia....' Man leaning over by car. Little boy approaches. He examines something in his hand. Another younger man approaches. Woman appears. Sign: 'U.S. Army Post Headquarters'. Pov. car ride over military grounds. Administrative buildings, barracks. Foliage. Trees. Large wooden ship model. Sign: 'U.S. Army Transportation Training Command.....' Yellow-orange leafed foliage. 07:00. Modern arched building. Military chapel or church. People assembled on bridge. Guard wall of brick. Man, little boy in hand, women walk by chapel. Little boy drinking bottle of 'Coke'. Woman, little boy, man sitting at wooden picnic table. Man takes sip of 'Coke'. Man skims magazine. Man by side of building. Older man looks on. Window screens lean on building. Little boy hands older man item. Man hoses down side of home as little boy runs about. 08:02. Older man props screen door up on side of building. Little boy rises from ground where he's been sitting. Woman with pail enters area. She stands in chair in order to clean windows. Side of home with screens, screen doors propped up. Little boy walks along. Car parked at side of home. Older man, woman with little boy in her arms, walk along. 09:02. CU woman with little boy in arms. Older woman grasps little boy's hands. Little boy kisses older woman. Older man kisses little boy. Envelope propped up. Three roses in a vase backgrounded with pillow. CU the same. 10:02. Four men on wharf. Woman, man walking on wharf. Sign: 'Cliff Browor's Boat Yard...'. Pickup truck, people walking in boatyard. Wide square arches adjacent to truck. Pronounced lettering: 'Travel Lift.' Large square frames with attached pulleys. Frames mounted on wheels. 11:00. Pleasure boat at dock. Water surface. Boat begins journey. Woman, pail in hand, descends gangway. Man pours fuel into boat. He does so while standing on wharf. Man reaches into paper bag. Casts away some of contents. Woman, in long bathing suit, walks down beach. Man, in bathing trunks, joins her. Man, women in group. All are dressed for bathing. Woman in a black bathing suit. Man beside her. 12:04. Group in bathing attire seated on beach. Some drink from cans. Woman in swimming. Sandy beach expanse. Boat skimming water surface. Group enters water for swim. Top exterior of lighthouse. Gulls flying. Four women by brick building. They're casually dressed with blankets, etc. under arms. Picnicing group. Woman hurries to back of group. Another woman waves. 13:01. Larger watercraft. Steamer or naval vessel. Waves, foam pounding against rocks of shoreline. Undulating blue ocean. Surf. Group youngsters walking single file in woods. Party group. Some have balloons. Children enter building. Lake surface. Trees of shoreline. Buildings, trees of opposite shore. Sailboat on lake. Sparse shoreline trees. 14:03. Speedboat comes along. Sailboat skims forward. Sailboat as seen from shoreline trees. 15:02. Speedboat, other boat traverse lake surface. Sailboat with lowered sails. Smaller, well-passengered boat drifts shoreward. Dock. Boats. Exterior of home. Man paints while standing on porch roof. He cleans shingles. Woman, man working. Man seems to be sanding item. 16:00. Woman is scraping paint from item. Man on ladder paints peak of house. Woman, man sitting on porch. Both seem to be painting or scraping paint. Surface of lake. Pleasure craft laden with passengers. Passengers exit boat and assemble on dock. Sailboat. Yacht. 17:05. Homes. Evergreen trees of shoreline. Two men, woman in boat. Woman gestures as if explaining something. Group sitting in lawn chairs. Woman removes glass shade from box. She places top on shade. People look on as she adjusts top. (End of Reel 82.)
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