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1) 2426.0007, .0008, .0010_DVD
DVD; Silent
2) [BLANK]
BetaCamSP; Silent
[Charles B. Hinds—home movies] Reel 8
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Travel footage continues: views of a small steam ship, crowded with people. Unloading hold of boxes. Shark on end of rope in water, hoisted up. Man in rowboat below. Women and one child in deck chairs. Waiter with tray of glasses approaches camera. Travelers gather on ship's deck, adults play around for camera. Couples dance on deck. Boy wears a sailor suit. Three men hold glasses or bottles. Two women dance while passengers sit in deck chairs or on railing. Long pan. Man dances with boy in sailor suit. They look at camera. View of wide street and town. Port views. (Unidentified port.) Views from a vehicle. Large building and deserted quayside. Tourists with purchases and donkeys. Restaurant with outdoor tables and awnings. Women in a row holding bouquets. Railroad station. Woman on ground in station with baskets. Men in hats waiting for train. View from train, pulling out of station. Rails receding. Views of monument. Mayan? Donkeys in foreground. Arched bridge. Tourists approach monument. Climbing stairs. View from top. View of descending tourists and guide. Bar. Views of temples. Road view with man herding cattle. Car approaches on dirt road in desert, long take on very rugged road. Views in town of tourists, plazas, buildings. Long steady pan. Children play in dirt yard, small boys chase each other. Canal with covered flat boats. Man stands to paddle boat with two tourists. View from boat while traveling along river or canal. at 24:33 two young men in singlets paddle by using kayak strokes in a scull or kayak. Another man stands up and passes them going the other way.
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