3 Copies of This Film
1) 2419.0050-.0051,.0053_BSP
BetaCamSP; 1:00:53; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2419.0050-.0051,.0053_DVD
DVD; 59:53; Silent; b&w and color
3) 2419.0050_F16
Film; 16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
Boxing, children, 1939-1941--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 50
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1939 – 1941
Viewing Notes
Reel 50: Color. Boy in double breasted coat and cap in driveway. He pedals tricycle. Boy in yard with ball. Lion and cub in cage at zoo. Family walks by cage. Boy climbs in hole. Dark views of animals at zoo. Children at concrete water fountain outdoors. Seems to be early spring. Children at car. b&w camera on tripod, boy in bathrobe with another camera. Turns crank. There is a flyswatter behind him. Views of boy with camera. Nice scene. Child fiddles with camera. Boy in single bed with something like a kazoo. Under quilt. No pillow. Women at card table, look at camera. The camera position is perhaps up a ladder or on the stairs. Woman turns to adjust radio? Boy outdoors, somewhat underexposed. Boy in concrete basin in yard. Slow motion by laundry drying rack (very dark). Toddler with camera on strap over shoulder and then dragging it along ground (too dark). With a tricycle, unfocused. Various views with tricycle. Early spring, light leak problem, in yard. Katz family lived at 5 Oliver Road, Belmont. This may be Little Pond, Belmont. On pond, people skate, pull child on sled, play hockey in background. Dog runs by woman on skates who comes up and lifts toddler. Toddler comes to man, who lifts him up, then runs across snow pulling sled and carrying camera. Very dirty film but still nice. Puppy with children on frozen pond. Children with another dog, throwing snow. Slow motion of children and dog. Another view of dog coming by camera, toddler running to camera slow motion. Skaters (blurry and light flashed). Color, a couple in the neighborhood. Woman walks to camera in driveway. Another couple holding hands, several views of them. Four women together. Boy in yard smells flowers. Boy greets taxidermized deer head hung on garage door. Woman with watering can waters plants. Flat of seedlings to be planted. Mother and son watering plants. Boy in sandbox waves to camera. Boy in lawn chair with lollipop and apple. Boy waves at camera. B&w man waves and drinks. Fight ring, dramatic fighting with much action against the ropes, kicking, sometimes four people in ring and referee. Not conventional boxing. Involves wrestling and "extreme fighting." Both end up outside the ropes at one point. Man chases geese in farmyard, several people run around. Boy drinks from bottle, has a feather on his head. Poultry yard, boy holds bird. Man with fowl and bottle. Another man emerges with small cow from barn, boy holds cow on chain. Man in suspenders walks to camera. Older man comes out hitches up his pants. Woman comes out. Laundry lines by house. Party assembles by door. Men lie in sun on grass, relaxing in the countryside. Man fishes in stream. Man drinks from bottle.
Children, Boxing
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