3 Copies of This Film
1) 2419.0040_F16
Film; 16mm film; [300 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2419.0039-.0041_BSP
BetaCamSP; 48:00; Silent; b&w and color
3) 2419.0039-.0041_DVD
DVD; 47:00; Silent; b&w and color
Children and animals, 1935-1944--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 40
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1935 – 1944
Viewing Notes
B&W. Boy in a bed. Little girl in a jump suit climbing down granite exterior stairs, stands by automobiles running board. “Agfa 1936.” Two boys by a fence, light flare. Children looking at an elk in a cage. Two boys and a girl in a field. Children looking at a goat in a cage. People walk around animal cages: peacocks, leopards. Women sitting on a low stone wall. Boy running. Slow motion of boys jumping off a rock. Badly faded (pink) color footage of the three children playing in a wagon, small boy urinates, girl has a stuffed bear, boy has broken arm in a cast and sling. Children on a blanket with their dad, young boy blowing bubbles. Dad holding a baby, Dad posing children in front of the camera. Father wears glasses, suspenders. (Non-faded color) John and a baby (Paul or Ed?) in a field with white goats and a crowd of children. Boy on a swing. Water fountain. Children in uniform in a field. Kids swimming. Mrs. Katz with John and Paul in front of a car. (Black & white) John pushing a baby on a tricycle. Baby boy and girl with a cat in the yard. Baby girl and Paul posing with an injured goose. Laundry hanging in yard. Paul petting a Great Dane. Children playing in the yard. Paul/Ed by some pigs. John and Ed in front of a car, John tries to help him walk.
Children, Animals
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