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Film; 8 mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
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3/4inch-video; Silent; b&w and color
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VHS; Silent; b&w and color
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DVD; Silent; b&w, Color
5) nhf-1695_0007-0008 Joanne Swift 16fps-nhf-1695 Joanne Swift.mov
6) nhf-1695_0008-Uncompressed SD to HD uprez.mov
Fishing, camping, trip to Canada, graduation, chemical plant, 1948-1952--Donald Taylor--home movies. Reel 8
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1948 – 1952
Donor-supplied Notes
Reel #7: Moosehead Lake fishing. Rubye Taylor and Ellen Jewett. George Jewett in boat. Ellen and Rubye. Mt. Kineo. Fish cleaning. '?'. Rubye. Fish on stick. Robin feeding nest, South Porland. Beach at South Portland. Anne Brooks. [break in notes]. 1940's. Picnic. BHS class play. Jo is usher. Sue is '?'. Sue, Jo in choir robes for Easter. Rubye in Sunday best. Sue, Jo in Girl Scout uniforms. BHS band - parade. Girl Scouts marching. Fire truck. Sue, Jo with salmon sent from Canada. Sue, Jo, Ruby. Beach at McGlathery’s Island. Picnic at Marten's. Reel #8: Fort Point. Sailboat. Boats at Castine. Deer Isle bridge. Old 'Hoodoo' at McGlathery's Island. The Republican Inn. Jo, Sue swimming. Sleeping in tent. Steamed clams. [?] foot - brushing teeth. Washing dishes. Ruby brushing teeth. Lying on soft moss. Swimming. Home past Fort Point. SS Maine, locks - canal. Trip to Quebec and Stayner. Family reunion. Pretty river, crayfish. House on Stayner. Lake George. Georgian Bay ?, Canada. Rubye swimming. Carol, Jo and Sue. Denman. Cars on beach. Lunch on porch. Graham's plane - amphibian. Flying over 10,000 lakes. Parry Sound, Canada. Plane taking off, returning. Cars at beach. Ausable Chasm, NH [NY]. The Flume. Ferry. The Old Man on the Mountain. Ferry Ride. South Portland - raft. Sue, Jo, Buzz and Sandra. 'Sue Jo' sailboat. Bulldozer stuck in mud. Bulldozer on beach by boathouse. Old fertilizer plant. Crane pulling out bulldozer. Bill Brooks. Ann Brooks. Boat. Wellesley MA, Marten's house. BHS Band by Alamo Theatre. Fire truck. Western Island - baby seagulls. Jo, Sue, Marilyn, Ruby. McGlathery's Island. Jo, Sue, Sandra, Buzz. Jo, Sonny, Bill. Sonny - driftwood. Balancing rock. Spruce growing out of stone. Sailboats. Reel #9: 1955. Senior graduation. Rubye and Ellen. Jo and Sue. Rubye. Jo - Bos'n. Ruby. Graduation robes. Goodwin - summer job. Sebago Lake. Fort Knox - bridge. Verona - calm reflection. Snow at South Portland. Jo, Sue, Bos'n and Rubye. Boat at Pushaw Lake. Virginia Boyd. Reel #10: Chemical plant - Searsport. Nitrogen - tanks. Control panel
Viewing Notes
Color: Pan of Moosehead Lake. Two woman sit by boat (Rubye and Ellen Jewett). Man (George Jewett) in boat threading fishing rod. CU of women. Pan across the lake to Mt. Kineo. CU on fish cleaning. Ellen and George standing with fish (bad framing) CU on fish. All fish caught on a stick. Birds in nest on built on light fixture on side of house. People in the water. Twins and a boy swimming. CU of a pony. Boy on pony being led by another boy. Picnic in field. Close up on a piece of paper (out of focus) Jo and Sue, one of them is dressed up in a costume. Twins in choir outfits. Rubye dressed up walking toward camera. Twins in Girl Scout uniforms. Parade- Band, twins with girl scouts, fire trucks. Twins in yard holding a big fish. Jo and Sue with Bos'n, then twins with Rubye. Pan of water (out of focus) Family picnicking on the beach. Out of focus: shots from a boat or other boats and shore, sailboats, Deer Isle bridge. Twins by a cabin, run into the water and swim. Dark shot of someone in tent? Jo, Sue, and Rubye come out of tent holding their backs and heads. Pots in fireplace. Sitting around fire eating clams? (Comes back into focus around the fire). Twins on the beach, Sue, Jo, and Rubye brushing their teeth. Shots of the bay and twins swimming. Brief shot of lighthouse. People coming out of a house. Ship passing by. Twins and others playing in a river. CU on Crawfish. Pan down street. Shot of body of water from a hill? Beach. People on a deck. Car driving down the beach. Girls swimming. Shot of beach from water, cars drive by on the beach. People on the porch of a beach house. Gas pump by the water. Pan starts on a car by the pump and goes past a plane parked in the water by the gas pump and across the water to parked boats in harbor. A Seaplane. Footage shot of the ground from the airplane. Plane drives off land and into the water, then plane coming out of water. Shot of road by beach. A dam and the water below (Ausable Chasm, New York). Cars on ferry. Lake and mountain by it. Girls on pier looking at scenery. Swimming and playing on raft, sliding and jumping off. Sailboat. Construction equipment? Stuck in the road. Crane driving down beach. Crane digging the equipment out. Crowd watches. Little girl with flowers. House and yard. Bos'n runs toward camera. Dark shot of house. Parade in front of Gulf station. Bucksport band marches by, fire truck with kids riding on it. Kids holding baby seagulls. Baby seagulls running around. People in boat, sitting on rocks, swimming. Sailboats. Girl with back to camera turns and has a camera in her hands. Man walks up behind her and puts baseball cap on her head. Jo, Sue, and Bos'n. Shirtless man holds up different sticks. Twins by a big rock (Balancing rock), pretend to push it. Tree growing out of rock. Pan across water. Women in yard. Twins in dresses with corsages (in and out of focus). Rubye dressed up as well. Rubye with Jo and Sue in graduation gowns. One of the twins trying to blow tassel out of face, pulls hat off. Sign “Goodwin’s Sandwich Bar and Fountain Service.” Shot of the restaurant. Fort Knox, Waldo-Hancock Bridge, and shoreline around Bucksport. Shot of house in snow. Jo, Sue and Bos'n in snowy woods. Three women. Boat, shot of women on pier from boat as it comes in. Man and woman drive by on boat. Chemical plant with steam and machines. Lots of steam. Inside factory pipes and around the outside. Big domes. Pan of factory. Train cars “Northern Chemical” on side. Men sitting around talking. Man in hardhat poses for camera. Dark shots inside, control panel. Pan of factory from roof?
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