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1) 1695.0005_F8
Film; 8 mm film; [250 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 1695.0004-.0006_INSP3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
3) 1695.0004-.0006_VHS
VHS; Silent; Color
4) 1695.0004-.0006_DVD
DVD; Silent; b&w and color
5) nhf-1695_0004-0006 Joanne Swift 18 fps-nhf-1695 Joanne Swift.mov
6) nhf-1695_0005-Uncompressed SD to HD uprez.mov
Children, fishing, London, 1965-1967--Joanne Swift--home movies. Reel 5
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1965 – 1967
Viewing Notes
Pan across front of estate. Pan across Garden with fountain and statures. (Versailles, France) Man with a little black dog in front of garage. He shovels snow while girl makes snow angels. Pan of front of house. He shovels and waves. Pan of house. Calvin Swift pulling girl [Janet] in a sled. Janet pulls Calvin. Girls in swim suits in the yard playing in sprinkler. Janet with a little box turtle. Janet with other children in front of house. Calvin, Joanne, and Janet pose in front of house. Cut to mare and a foal in a field. Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Man directing traffic on a perch in middle of road in a foreign city (London?). Cat on some rocks. Shot of a large European square in front of a building. (Saint Peter's Basilica, Vatican City) Pan up fountain and sculpture. Jo sits in front of fountain (Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy) Water shot from a boat. A Sunfish in the water, pulled onto boat. Shot of big fish in water and dolphins jumping. Houses and scenery from the boat. Seagulls following boat, catching fish thrown at them. Man waves at camera. On shore with fish laid out. Janet and Jo by the fish, Calvin joins them. Janet touches on of the fish and then picks one up. Calvin pulling Janet on a sled in the street (winter) Littler girl (Janet) on a red bike (fall?) riding around. Playing hopscotch with a boy. Other children. Man with a newborn baby (Pamela). Children in the woods. Man up in a tree doing something. Babies in the yard. Pan across people and babies sitting in the yard. Jo, Sue and their families. Janet holds a baby (Pamela) handed to her by Jo. Janet sitting with two babies. Dark footage of Janet on skis falling and trying to go in yard. Calvin puts on the skies and falls too. Pan over trees and lake. Bottom of frame dark. Jo on skis. Janet on snowshoes. Jo goes down a hill on skies. Dad goes down hill, Janet goes across yard. Janet pulling Pamela in a sled. Pamela walking (snow gone). Pamela in yard. Janet picks her sister Pamela up. Pamela in yard in white dress (out of focus and shaky).
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