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Family and friends in Maine, 1937-1938--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 1
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1937 – 1939

Credit: Cyrus Pinkham Collection, Northeast Historic Film.

Black-and-white reel compiling home movies of Pinkham family and friends at several Maine locations, including Gardiner and Pemaquid Beach.
Donor-supplied Notes
Margaret - Cyrus - Charles & Peggy, Dot - Grandma, 1937, 1938 - Picnic at Buzell's with Farmers, Pinkhams and Smiths - Grandma's House - Dad's Old Home - The Rolfes - Margaret, Charles & Peggy, 1938 At Margaret's in Gardiner 1938 - Frances Marson, Lucy & Grandma - Lucy and Virginia - Dad & Margaret do a scene in King St. kitchen - Grandma and Virginia.
Viewing Notes
Young woman picking flower from garden, playing with cat, smoking in repose. Intertitle: "Cyrus" Cyrus seen smoking, diving and swimming, in stage makeup as an older man, and adjusting shooting lights. Intertitle: "Charles And Peggy" At birdbath, Peggy with doll and two women in yard, Charles indoors. Intertitle: "Grandma 9/37" Seen indoors, descending steps, in close-up, walking in garden. Intertitle: "Grandma 6/38" Picking flowers and arriving by car at a cemetery to place them at a grave marked "Mother." Intertitle: "On a picnic at Walter Buzzel's" Large group (9 or so) with picnic baskets walking from cars to tables, various scenes of eating and play. Intertitle: "FAMILIAR PLACES" Intertitle: "Grandma's House" Intertitle: "Dad's Old Home" Intertitle: "The Rolfes" "Edgewood" sign lit at night, double exposure with shot of car arriving by day at "The Edgewood." Intertitle: "Elizabeth and Cynthia" Intertitle: "Margaret visits us./Jan. '38" Winter scenes, Margaret and Charles in snowball fight, running to meet Peggy. Intertitle: "Mrs. Winslow/May '38" Old woman adding water to birdbath, escorted arm-in-arm by another woman through gate and around property. Intertitle: "Dad arrives from Porto Rico with injured knee. 5/9/38" Intertitle: "Dad recuperating" Intertitle: "At Margaret's 6/38" Intertitle: "At the Marson's 6/38" Intertitle: "Aunt Fan" Intertitle: "Addie Dolloff at work? 6/38" Dark interior scene, older woman behind shop counter. Intertitle: "Mother, Dad, Margaret, Virginia and Lucy at _ _ _ _ 6/38" Sign: "Post Office Pemaquid Beach, Me." Intertitle: "Dad and Margaret do a scene 10/38" Staged dramatic scene of Margaret buttering toast at the kitchen table; father arrives, joins her. Intertitle: "Grandma and Virginia 3/39"
Cyrus Pinkham
Family, Children, Beaches, Winter
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