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1) 1435.0012_VHS
2) 1435.0012_IN3/4
3) 1435.0012_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1435.0010-.0012_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 012
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities and events. Can notes as follows; reel numbers assigned by donor. Reel 12: Jonathan. Jenny [Chitanuyo?] Erin. Jenny on bike. Margie and [Jenny and Erin] Last Christmas m[?] Jonathan swim. Jenny swing. Cider. Docks. Jonathan swing. [Rololelly?] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes Reel 12: 30:05. Toddler boy kicks ball as adults descend steps of home. They are carrying luggage. Toddler runs short distance. Kicks ball once more. He gives ball another kick. Little girl pedals modern, plastic tricycle. She smiles. Crashes gently into boughs of tree. She turns around and pedals back the same way which she came. Infant lies in bed. He has rattle. He kicks, moves his arms. 31:01. He looks up as adult shakes rattle. Woman holds infant in her arms. Little girl on tricycle pedals down walkway. She waves. Continues to do so. She pedals along. Woman with infant on her lap. Little girl sits at left. The three are on bottom brick step. Girl waves. Woman waves infant's hand for him. Girl touches infant's bonneted head. While woman holds infant, girl kisses him. 32:02. Family emerges through interior door of home. Woman slides door shut. Two men sit on couch. Woman handles present wrappings. Members sitting on floor. Man sits in chair. Boy swimming under water. He wears diver's mask. 33:03. He lifts himself up onto wharf. He lifts diver's mask. Replaces it and jumps back into water. Swims forward. Little girl in swing. Standing, another little girl swings beside her. Woman gives sitting swinger a push. Girl grasps gym bar which is part of recreational devices in area. She does a turnabout on the bar. Girl swings. Other little girl stands on what is a small teeter-totter which also swings. She swings. 34:02. Man and woman turn wheel of grinding device. It and they are outside. Looks to be unit to grind vegetables or fruit. They turn wheel vigorously. Third person approaches. Tin pitcher on nearby table. Man continues turning wheel. Little girl turns handle which is attached to this device. Apples at base of device. This makes cider. Cars parked nearby. People work at cider-making device. Shot a bit shadowy. Man crouched by apples looks up. Man pounds post of wharf with a mallet. Water surface. Trees of opposite shoreline. He pounds at side. 35:10. Boy floats along in center of inner tube. Woman wading in water watches him. Boy swims forward in water. He throws inner tube to woman. He swims and stands in water. Woman holds inner tube as boy resumes swimming. He stands in water, walks forward. Woman and boy. Boy carries bags. Woman pushes power lawnmower. She points. Man is behind her. 36:02. Turning wheels have blades on them. Man gathers sedge, debris from area where she has mowed. He stoops wearily. Bushes in area. Dog picks up stick in mouth. Woman continues to mow, mulch with mower. 37:00. Man watches. Sparse foliage. Individual stalks. Woman plows soil. (End of Reel 12.)
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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