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VHS; 63 min.; Sound; Color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] VT4 (part 2, two cuts), VT13, VT15, VT8 (two cuts)
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1990 – 1992
Can Descriptions
Stewart International Airport footage: VT4 (part 2), two cuts dated 4/1/91 and 4/17/91 NHF Cataloger's notes [times from VCR display]: (1:00) Stewart Airport, Newburgh, NY, people standing around baggage claim, Stewart Airport welcomes Delta Airlines service to Atlanta, Archie Stewart and others standing for photos, (6:00) cutting of ribbon with large dull scissors, photocopier lady, party in the terminal, Archie Stewart and ladies posing for video camera, 'American Airlines celebrates one year' sign, people at the party, (10:00) recognition of people who made it all possible, another speech, commercial service at Stewart started one year earlier, segment ends (14:00) VT13, dated 5/30/91 NHF Cataloger's notes [times from VCR display]: (14:30) outside on tarmac, small jet, man with cellular phone and some women get off plane, introductions, handshakes with Sen Al D'Mato and Secretary of Transportation Samuel Skinner and New York Commissioner of Transportation Franklin White, (17:00) Commissioner White welcomes military installation at Airport, Sen. D'Amato speaks, thanks Mr. Stewart, Secretary Skinner speaks, (25:00) presentation of giant $5,000,000 check, Q&A session, (31:00) news interviews D'Amato, segment ends (35:30) VT14, dated 5/30/91 NHF Cataloger's notes [times form VCR display]: (36:00) local news WTZA live coverage of event on VT3, American Airlines opens commercial service to Stewart Airport (must be 17 April 1990), phone call from a Chicago by one of the first passengers from Stewart, (40:00) WTZA local news story about American Airlines opening at Stewart, story about changing commerce in adjacent Sullivan County due to commercial service at Stewart, story about environmental impact, (44:30) WTZA reports on United Express adding service between Stewart and Dulles in Washington, D.C. (June 1990?), WTZA reports on Secretary Skinner's visit Stewart and how the airport has grown in the last year (May 1991), segment ends (48:30) VT15, dated 6/1/91 NHF Cataloger's notes [times form VCR display]: (48:30) Cable 6 News coverage of American Airlines opening service at Stewart Airport (April 1990), (52:30) Cable 6 News covers addition of United Express service between Stewart and Dulles, segment ends (56:00) VT8, two cuts dated 4/1/92 and 5/1/92 NHF Cataloger's notes [times form VCR display]: (56:20) Stewart Airport welcomes Delta Airlines and Mickey Mouse, brief Jim McGuiness speech, presentation of thanks, (60:00) view of small audience at ceremony, Archie Stewart poses for camera with two ladies, (62:00) 1 May 1992, Archie Stewart videotapes commemorative materials of airports commercial service in a display case. Tape ends (64:00)
Anecdotal Comments & Reflections
Mary Stewart Hafer notes: VT 4 Delta Airlines opens service, April 1, 1991. Archie cuts ribbon with huge scissors. "Time to fly" character. VT1y American Airlines celebrates 1 year of service. VT 13 May 10, 1991 Joint use, Military-Commercial. NY Secretary of Transportation, Franklin White; US Secretary of Transportation, Samuel Skinner, Senator D'Amato all speak. Senator D'Amato responds to press inquiries about personal scandal. VT 14 April 17, 1990 TV News clips American Airlines pilot Richard Rndt and American Airlines official Ken Pyat speak about first inaugural flight to Chicago. Archie and Benjamin Gilman talking to each other. United Express to begin Dulles service August 1. Secretary of Transportation Samuel Skinner and NY Secretary of Transportation Franklin White talk. VT 16 More TV clips. Franklin White. Archie talks about his original thinking that a city without an airport in the 20th century would be like a city without a railroad in the 19th century. VT 8 t cuts April 1, 1992 Delta celebrates first year of service. Jim McGinnis, Airport Commissioner. May 1, 1992, Stewart memorabilia in display case at airport.

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