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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
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4) 1271.0015_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1271_0015 16fps HD-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
6) nhf-1271_0015a Bell 2 & 3 16fps-2336x1752 Centennial ProRes 4444.mov
7) nhf-1271_0015b Bell 4 16fps-2336x1752 Centennial ProRes 4444.mov
8) nhf-1271_0015c Bell 5 16fps-2336x1752 Centennial ProRes 4444.mov
[Bell--home movies] Reel 15
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Viewing Notes
Label: 'Film #2 (Bells--16 mm.) 1. Bellview 2. The Lobster Pound 3. Dorrice/Ned/guests 4. Ferry scenes 5. Dinner on Bell's terrace 6. Harrison Copy part #8. 1928-1929.' // Intertitle: 'Summer of 1928.' M.S. Main Street in town. Three adults walking. Rear shot parked cars. Intertitle:'Perry, Jean, and Truman Landon visit with the Tarpleys.' Man standing between two ladies. Rear shot three ladies walking down sidewalk. They kick up heels in comic fashion. Streetcars on blocks by trees. L.S. of brick building. Adult stands in doorway. M.S. streetcar. Intertitle:'Clock golf'. Rear shot lady hitting golf ball with iron. C.U. lady smiling. Shot exterior of home. Lady crosses lawn. She is ready to try luck with repositioned golf ball. Gets it in hole. Man gets ball in hole. Retrieves ball, holds aloft in proud pose. M.S. of wooden buildings at waterfront pier. Two men step jovially along. Ladies, child emerge from doorway of wooden building. Two men laying on ground, faces covered with newspapers. Third man approaches and tickles buddies with branch. Group of people picnicing. Shoreline along lake with houses. Lady pulls hat down a bit, smiles. Man buts his head into shot. Lady smiles, clowns for camera. M.S. group of adults, picnic baskets. Lady rubs posterior. Two boys, one slightly older than other. M.S. man lying on couch with blanket over him. M.S. of lady with face between hands. Lady jokingly twines string around necks of man and lady sitting on ground. Man jestingly threatens to hit buddy with stick. Ladies have arms on each other's shoulders. M.S. of lady leaning on door of car from inside. Adults 'leap frog' over lady. Mountainside near lake, well-forested. M.S. homes adjacent to mountainside. M.S. of man with small toy. M.S. couple and man standing at side of lake. Lady balances herself on rock. People talk, look at lake. M.S. of little boy pushing toy wheelbarrow. Fooling and merriment prevails amongst group. M.S. lady wading in water then swimming. L.S. commercial boat coming along lake surface. Rear shot of people walking down road. Scenes at train station, handshakes, farewells. Train departs. People standing by rail along side of lake. Car exterior. Rear shot of car going down highway. C.U. shrub-bush in full bloom. M.S. man comically clad with funny hat on head, pipe in mouth, tennis rackets in hand. M.S. tennis players, spectators watching from lawn. Intertitles:'Summer of 1929. Picnicing between rounds.' M.S. people sitting on rustic furniture watching a tennis game. Man walks up steps siping soda. Woman and boy act silly. An obese gent appears. Intertitle:'The Clubhouse'. L.S. field where clubhouse is located. M.S. woman dancing with boy. She twirls him around. Intertitle:'Picnic on Schoodic Nubble'. People picnicing. C.U.lady eating melon while balancing cup around finger of left hand. Pan silhouette of evergreen trees, water, shoreline. More picnicing. Rear shot two ladies walking down road. One carries umbrella. Boy wading in water and carrying dog in with him. Dog swims in water. Rear shot woman wading in water. She is joined by boy. Man enters water. Rear shot of him swimming. Boy and his buddy join man. L.S. someone swimming in middle of lake. Woman standing in water. M.S. of group picnicing, wicker basket. Lady voraciously chews 'goody' she's chosen. Woman sings. Laughter, talk, fun. With small cloth bags, people try to gather something from ground. They dig in ground with small tools. Intertitle: 'Sunday dinner at the Terrace.' M.S. of people at table. Clergyman present wearing clerical vestments. Eating, drinking, maid serving. We advance to the exterior where folks are dining as well. Woman in background sits in 'Bar Harbor chair' made of rattan with large circular backing.
Amateur films
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