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1) 1108.0137_VHS
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3) 1108.0137_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
4) 1108.0137-.0139_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 137
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Can Descriptions
Reel 137: Archie Stewart can notes: 1. Work trip to Camp, 18-28 September. 2. Weekend visit from Weikerts and Maguires. 3. Autumn foliage. 4. Ann Hafer's wedding. 5. Visit to Selfs. 6. Maine hunting trip. NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 137: Color. Grand Lake Stream. Rob Golding and Earl Bonness by cabin splitting wood for kindling. Stocking lake with fish. WS of metal barrels in moving boat. TS of fish swimming inside barrel. MS Earl adding water from lake to barrel. MS man tipping milk jug over side of boat, pouring fish and water into lake. Earl Bonness at end of boat dock, kneeling on sawhorse, sawing piece of lumber. VS of forest vegetation, trees, shrubs. VS of split tree trunks [after storm?] Archie at table in forest clearing, using drill. Man mixing concrete in small skip. Interior: man bricklaying inside fireplace. Earl Bonness works with chainsaw to limb fallen tree. Huge unearthed root settles as weight shifts. Cutting large tree trunk. Earl and Archie Stewart slice trunk into logs. Nice sequence. Weekend visits from Weikerts & Maguires 7-9 Oct. Color. MS of two couples posed for camera, smiling. Mrs. Mary Stewart with Mary and John Weikert in parking lot. WS of mountains [dark]. WS of three people posing with painting, pan up to treetops. MS of people posing with landscape painting--Mrs Mary Stewart, Ann Hafer and Dick Maguire. MWS man getting into sportscar, convertible, Jaguar. (a wedding gift). VS autumn foliage. WS of large brick buildings [school?]. Ann Hafer's wedding 15 Oct. Interiors, B&W, VS of guests at reception. Bride and groom. Color, exteriors, car arrives and departs with wedding couple. VS of guests chatting. Ann, Dick, assorted Maguires. Doc and Leedle, etc. Pottsville, PA. Visit to Selfs, Josh and Eleanor. 22-23 Oct. More fall foliage. MS of man and woman in field. CUs of hands, examining milkweed pods. Maine hunting trip b&w. 28 Oct, 13 Nov. Interiors of cabin, group eat at table. Various CUs and MS, including Archie and Mary Stewart, Tommy Lockhead, Tecky and Earl Bonness. Playing card game by fire. Exterior, CUs of Time magazine covers lying on grass, featuring headshots of presidential candidates Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. Interiors of cabin, VS of group eating popcorn. Exteriors, color, VS of pile of fish on dock. MS of Mary Stewart holding rifle with Rob Golding. CU picture she is holding, painting of glade of trees. CU poem with drawings of owl and woman. WS of Mary clambering on pile of tree trunks. WS of Mary Stewart, Rob Golding seated on shore. CU of Rob Golding wearing a wasp nest. VS of group of people standing on lake shore. VS of float plane flying, landing and taxiing on lake--Mary Stewart leaving. Loading people into plane, watching as takes off. VS of men carrying gear to shore, loading into canoe, launching. CU of wall calendar, November 1960.
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