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1) 1941.0056_F16
16mm film; Silent; b&w
2) 1941.0056_VHS
3) 1941.0056_BSP
[Claire Cochrane--home movies] Reel 56
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Viewing Notes
Kids swimming in lake; family posed by lake; two children and two adults walking down exterior stone steps; fishing from dock; kids swimming; United Airlines plane landing; airplanes on tarmac; booths on town street (festival or fair?); exterior shot of house with porch, yard; men in swimsuits wrestling; family beach scene with dogs; naked baby at beach; old man and younger man in front of house; little girl with puppy; men posed in yard with fishing rods; little girl with dog; very dark shot of two women, little girl and dog in front of house or garage; shot of houses; girl on tree swing; little boy carrying cat or dog; little girl with kitten; boy turning crank on sharpening stone for man; girl turning crank on sharpening stone for man; boys playing in yard; kids and dog in snow scene (woman in background hanging laundry on clothesline); kids building snow fort; kids and dog playingin yard; boy sitting on running board of car with dog lying in grass at his feet; girl and dog in yard; kids playing with baseball and bat; little boy on porch and in yard with dog; view of countryside; view of ocean and islands (panoramic--looks like it could be the view from the summit of Cadillac Mountain); men and women on summit of mountain; side view of parked car; dog, boy and man in woods cutting pine boughs; woman and boy pulling cut pine tree; man and boy pulling cut pine trees behind them; woman walking out of house and getting into car; older woman on porch; dog on porch; picnic (family reunion?); lake: people on dock in swimsuits, boy being pulled out of lake onto dock, woman baling water out of boat; child in life vest getting into canoe.
Claire Cochrane
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