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16mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; b&w
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DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0003-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 3
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1924 – 1927
Can Descriptions
(UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 3: 29:20. Intertitle: 'Family album. Third Reel. Mrs. Lee, John and Francis Hartford, November 16, 1924.' Two women, man by touring car or convertible '20's car. Man raises thumb, walks backward a few steps. Older couple, other woman join the others. Members of group shake hands with one another. Women wave at camera. Woman takes driver's position. 30:13. Other woman gets in back seat. Intertitle: 'Leaving for New York'. Man at wheel of car. Woman in back seat. Elderly woman stands beside car. Man backs car up. Intertitle: 'My Motor Canoe. Percy and Mavin.' 31:04. Woman, man in motorboat. It is skimming over water surface. Canoe continues to bounce, float on water. Intertitle: 'Mavin Hamilton and Percy Maxim, 1925.' Two women talking by boulders, trees. One smooths her hair. Woman laughs. 32:03. Two women walking in barn area. One carries lunch pail. Companion holds bottle up jokingly to her friend. Woman swings lunch pail. Woman stands on doorstep which is large stone. She straightens her blouse while talking with other woman. Friend examines item around woman's neck. Woman laughs as friend examines fringe of her skirt. Other woman brushes her skirt off. Woman applies hanky to nose. The two women. One points to house. Both smile as they talk. Intertitle: 'Some of My Troubles When Trying to Get A Picture of Josephine.' 33:01. Exterior of home. Lush foliage, tree. Elderly couple emerge. Man tries to position woman. Man points outward. Man grasps woman by shoulder. Both gesture. Intertitle: 'Josephine, the Two Percys, Hamilton, and Cecil and Esther Powell'. Woman in yard with coat wrapped about her. She enters car. Two younger women wear bathing suits. Woman shuts car door. Friend has towel over arm. Man, wearing bathing suit emerges from ocean. Two women on shore. Intertitle: 'At White Sand Beach July, 1925. More Cold Water.' 34:01. Three women on beach adjacent to water. One woman adjusts bathing cap. Tide, surf is coming in. The women wade in. Man is already wading in water. The four wade back to shore. Man strikes pose. Ladies remain in water while man walks back to land. Woman makes 'come hither' gesture. Older man now wades with women. Older man points toward shore. Man splashes water on the women. 35:01. Woman at side splashes water. Woman dives into water. Intertitle: 'Come along in, The water's warm as toast I don't think.' Older man in bathing suit tries to persuade woman wrapped in her coat to enter water with him. Woman, standing in water, talks. She swims. Intertitle: 'Jess doing her Australian crawl.' Middle-aged woman in water. She displaces water with arms, hands. She stands. Intertitle: 'A Frolic at the swimming hole. Percy Maxim, Mavin Hamilton, Cecil Powell, and Esther Powell.' 36:01. Ladies in bathing suits. They are fooling with one another. They grasp, tug, and pull on each other. Good-natured feminine cajolery, touching continues. Ladies splash mud, water on each other! Someone throws a ball in the water. Woman enters, kicks it. Retrieves ball, hurls it. 37:00. Intertitle: 'The Hamilton Homestead, Hagerstown, 1926.' Exterior of mansion. Columned portico with Corinthian columns. Car parked in yard. Vertical pan. of home exterior with awninged windows. Car goes down street. Intertitle: 'The Hotel Hamilton, and 'Down-town' Hagerstown'. Business district, restaurant, cars traversing street. Screen intertitle: 'St. John's Church where Mrs. Maxim and I were married'. Exterior of church graced with climbing vines. Two women walk toward church. 38:00. Intertitle: 'Mrs. Wm. T. Hamilton, and Daughter, Julia.' Hand in hand, mother and daughter emerge from doorway of home. Facing each other, they talk. Another woman and middle-aged woman walk to car. One woman opens door of car for the other. Intertitle: 'The Hayden Eames Residence, Cleveland, 1926.' Trees. Exterior of home with stairs built into ground. Man descends stairs. 39:06. Trees, yard, benches for sitting. Boy pushes small wheeled object along. Woman shields eyes from sun. Woman reaches down and touches boy. Intertitle: 'Eames Coxe, aged 2 1-2 Years, Cleveland, 1926.' Young boy, a bit on the obese side. He is standing on lawn. He smiles, walks backward. He crouches on ground with toy truck. Woman takes him by hand. Intertitle: 'Clare Eames, and grandson, Eames Coxe, 1926.' Elderly woman has young boy by hand. 40:00. CU boy. He smiles. He approaches lawn chair adjacent to trees. Woman goes over to him. He throws ball. (These shots just a little faded.) Intertitle: 'Hayden Eames, and Grandson, 1926.' Man touches young boy on head. Pats boy on back. 41:02. Caresses boy's head once more. Pats boy on back. Two older women. Elderly man stands between them. The three talk. All smile. Man touches mustache. Little boy runs behind the adults. CU little boy. 42:01. Intertitle: 'Hamilton Eames and Eames Coxe, 1926.' Man in his thirties, wears business suit. He talks. Garden, fence in background. Man follows little boy who nears his toy truck. He pulls boy away from truck. Points into distance. 43:02. Talks to boy. Intertitle: 'Josephine and I'. Elderly man, woman emerge from door of home. Man takes woman's hand under his arm. Woman flicks lint from man's shoulder. He gives her kiss. Hand in hand, they return to house. Intertitle: 'I do my stuff.' Casually dressed older man emerges from home. 44:04. He strikes pose. Hand over temple, he looks outward, then side to side. He is acting like a sentry on guard duty. He sneaks forward, crouching down. He runs back into home. Intertitle: 'Tommy, Jan. 1927.' Tommy is a tiger cat. He has item with which he is playing. He toys with item on floor. Between times, he cleans himself. (End of Reel 3.) The Family Album, No. 4....'

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