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1) 2426.0011_F16
16mm film; [400 ft]; Silent; b&w
2) 2426.0011-.0013_DVD
DVD; Silent
3) [BLANK]
BetaCamSP; Silent
[Charles B. Hinds—home movies] Reel 11
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June 21 – September 20 1925
Viewing Notes
Vacation footage at Rangeley Lake. Three women and four children at the beach. Central woman in bathing costume is knitting. Babies sit on the sand. Woman who was knitting walks a child of about one who is just learning to walk. Child's suit has very large buttons down the front. On house deck, child in overalls (about 18 months old) toddles around. Falls on rear. Stands up. 4:57 Lakeside pavilion. Camera is set on tripod. Elderly men in hats greet young woman, Augusta Hinds, who charmingly greets the camera. The boat takes off, leaving lake pavilion behind. Camera is set up to show two men in boat with a second boat hauled behind. Approach destination. Hunting lodge? Men carrying fishing and hunting gear. Getting into canoe. Elderly man smokes cigar. He sits in front of canoe. Guide paddles. Man casts rod. Views of men in hats fishing. (Light leak.) Men at table outside. Picnic basket and fishing creels. Man wipes face with handkerchief (nice coverage). 9:57 end of fishing. People dive from dock into lake. Young mother at pavilion. Man brings cushions out to boat. On lawn. Children in lake. Logs at shorefront. Various people in lake. Camera on dock. Boy walks by it. The family as two cameras. Women in lake with bathing caps. Colder day. Woman in coat. Two women in swimsuits on log. Woman with still camera sits on car running board. Walks with another woman. Departure day: family and friends in cloche hats wave to departing cars. Young man in open boat with motor, departs. Woman with still camera, cars out front of barn with wood in it. Kissing goodbye; one woman sticks out tongue at camera. Another blows kisses. At beach, feeding toddler. Mother and two children on dock. Woman practices golf swing. Misses. Man on golf course. Woman by sand trap. Walks off with golf bag. Misses putt.
Recreation, Lakes
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