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16mm film; [300 ft.]; Silent
2) 1488.0015_VHS
3) 1488.0015_IN3/4
[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 15
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Can Descriptions
Can/reel notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. 15. 'Camp Katahdin, 1937, 100 ft. Camp Katahdin, 1938, 100 ft. Camp Katahdin, 1938, 100 ft. and Papa Rawley on Dr. King's boat.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 15: Intertitles: '1937 & 1938. (1) Camp Katahdin. 1938. (2) Papa Rawley on Dr. King's boat.' 02:27. Pig lying on ground. Group of piglets. Mother pig sticks out tongue. She walks over to piglets. Piglets stroll about. 03:06. Mother Pig nudges piglet. Piglets nurse from supine mother. One piglet breaks away and tries to crawl over the others. He goes to side. Nursing continues. 04:01. Man tucks in shirt as he approaches car. He waves. Boy joins man. He hugs boy. Another man joins the two. Takes boy's arm. Man and boy crouching on ground in tent area. Boy runs forward. Boy back where he started sprinting. Man instructs boy. Touches him. Man crouches down. He and boy run forward. Man and boy wrestle on ground. Group boys lying on ground near tent. Boy playing basketball while man watches. 05:01. Boy dribbles ball. He's trying to make a basket. Man tries to make a basket. Boy holds lamp with shade aloft. Man removes shade. Admires lamp. Man and boy in arts and crafts area. Man removes excess paint from brush. Man holds aloft medium-size toy sailboat. Teenage boy and younger boy on opposite sides of the sailboat. Teenager adjusts sails. 06:00. Man and boy proudly hold sailboat aloft. View of cabin, flagpole, adjacent trees. Boys in sport's area near administrative building. Bare-chested teenage boy walks forward. Boy poised to run, does so. Tent area shown. American flag and camp flag flying from pole. Profile shot boy as he talks. Tent area. Pier, diving, swimming area. 07:00. Boy dives off of ramp. He returns to ramp. Resumes swimming. He smiles as he stands in water. He swims forward. (This part of the reel is tinted. Water is blue. Boy's skin if flesh-toned.) Shot another boy swimming. Girl begins swimming. Two boys in rowboat. Swimmers dive off of ramp. Boys on ramp. They talk, fool. 08:04. Boys dive off ramp. Two men in rowboat. Two men dive backwards from diving platform. Boys swimming. 09:02. Boy swims. Boy poised to dive. He jackknifes into water. Man attends to him. Lifts him as he is in water. Checks him for safety. Man holds boy as he swims. Another boy swims alongside. Two boys stand. Man takes one by shoulders. Boy on crutches hobbles along in area where canoes are stored. He smiles, waves. 10:02. Succession of boys, men diving off of board. Boys, men, girl on ramp near raised platform. Girl walks forward as males watch. Shot of swimmer. Boys fool with buddy. Touch his eyes. Put finger in his mouth. We return to individual divers. 11:01. Diver does handspring into water. Boats of various kinds in water. Buildings on shoreline. Looks as if this is harbor of town or city. View of the various boats, cabin cruisers, etc. in water. Boat coursing down river, steam emanating from smokestack. Water surface of harbor, boats near dock. Buildings on shoreline. Church belfry. Men in rowboat. 12:00. Left-tracking pan. of water, buildings on shoreline. Cabin cruiser traverses water of harbor, its flags aloft. Bow, side of cabin cruiser. People on cabin cruiser. Woman disembarks. Shot of elderly man. Exterior of cabin cruiser. Shot of its flags flying. 13:03. Men on pier. Cruiser in dock. Flags, sky. Harbor, cruiser, people on shore. Rear shot boys walking down woodland path. Group of boys walking. Man holds girl and boy by hands. Group men, boys walk forward. 14:02. Walking continues. Man is holding boy by hand. Lake surface, inverted canoes on racks. Shot of shoreline evergreens. Man on swimming area ramp. He climbs to top of high platform. Boy below watches. Boys on ramp. Rowboats in water. Teenage boy walks down ramp. 15:07. Man on raised platform extends long stick into water. Swimmers on ramp. Boy dives in, buddy on ramp splashes water in his face. Swimmers. One splashes water all over buddy. Boys on ramp.
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